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This article is about the structure in the medulla oblongata. For the hypothalamic structure, see Arcuate nucleus.
Brain: Fields of forel
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Fields of Forel is an area in a deep part of the brain known as the diencephalon. It is below the thalamus and consists of three defined, white matter areas of the subthalamus. These three regions are named "H fields" (for Haubenfelder).

The first, field H1, is the thalamic fasciculus, a horizontal white matter tract between the subthalamus and the thalamus. These fibers are projections to the thalamus from the basal ganglia (globus pallidus) and the cerebellum. H1 is separated from H2 by the zona incerta.

Field H2 (sometimes synonymous with "lenticular fasciculus") is also made up of projections from the pallidum to the thalamus, but these course the subthalamic nucleus (dorsal).

Field H3 (aka the prerubral field), is a large zone of mixed gray and white matter located just rostral (In front) of the red nucleus.

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