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Fox Sports Latinoaméica
Launched 1996
Owned by Fox Latin American Channels
Slogan "Ponemos Más"
Formerly called Prime Deportiva (1996)
Fox Sports Americas (1996-1999)
DirecTV South America Channel 604 (South Feed)
Channel 605 (Argentina)
Channel 606 (Venezuela)
Channel 607 (Fox Sports Básico Chile)
Channel 608 (Fox Sports 2)
Channel 609 (Fox Sports 3)
Channel 1604 (Fox Sports HD)
Dish México Channel 502 (North Feed)
Channel 503 (Fox Sports 2)
Channel 903 (HD Feed)
SKY México Channel 520 (North Feed)
Channel 525 (Fox Sports 2)
Channel 1520 (HD Feed)
Channel 1521 (Fox Sports 2 HD)
Cablevision México City Channel 505 (Fox Sports)
Channel 506 (Fox Sports 2)
Channel 953 (Fox Sports HD)
Channel 954 (Fox Sports 2 HD)
Cablevision Monterrey Channel 302 (North Feed)
Channel 303 (Fox Sports 2)
Channel 930 (HD Feed)
Channel 931 (Fox Sports 2 HD)
Claro TV Chile Channel 180 (Digital Feed)
Channel 480 (Fox Sports HD)
Claro TV Colombia Channel 513 (Digital Feed)
Channel 1513 (Fox Sports HD)
Claro TV Peru Channel 61 (Digital Feed)
Channel 552 (Fox Sports HD)
Fox Sports logo from 2009 to 2012
Fox Sports logo from February to November 2012
Current Fox Sports 2 logo

Fox Sports Latinoamérica is a cable television network focused on sports-related programming including live and pre-recorded event telecasts, sports talk shows, and other original programmings, available throughout Hispanic America. Fox Sports is a division of the Fox Latin American Channels, itself part of 21st Century Fox. It was formed in 1996 with Fox's acquisition of sports channel Prime Deportiva. Fox Sports competes with the largest international sports network, ESPN.

The channel broadcasts sports-related programming 24 hours a day in the Spanish language. It is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fox Sports shows a wide variety of sports events, including football, Formula 1, ATP tennis, Ultimate Fighting Championship and WWE. Fox Sports also airs business shows (Marketing Registrado) as well as exercise and other programs including infomercials.

In 2009, a second feed called Fox Sports+ was launched, to allow simultaneous broadcasting of football. In 2012, the channel was renamed to Fox Sports 2, whereas Speed Channel was rebranded to Fox Sports 3.

Operating channels[edit]

  • Fox Sports (Cono Norte)
  • Fox Sports (Cono Sur)
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Fox Sports 3
  • Fox Sports Chile
  • Fox Sports Uruguay
  • Fox Sports HD
  • Fox Sports 2 HD
  • Fox Sports 3 HD

Sports programming[edit]


Other programming[edit]

Alongside its live sports broadcasts, Fox Sports also airs a variety of sports highlight, talk, and documentary styled shows. These include:

North Cone (Mexico, Central America, Venezuela)
  • Central Fox
  • Fox Gol México
  • Cara a cara
  • La previa del fin de semana
  • Impacto NFL
  • Fox Sports Punto Extra
  • Polémica Fox Sports
  • Tribuna Fox sports
  • Tuzoccer (Pachuca Club de Fútbol)
  • Auto Show TV
  • Fox Gol
  • El show de la NFL en Fox Sports
  • La hora de Cuauhtemoc Blanco
  • La historia de los mundiales
South Cone (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador)
  • Central Fox
  • Minuto Cero
  • Última Vuelta
  • La Última Palabra
  • 90 minutos de fútbol
  • El Show de la Fórmula 1
  • Fox para Todos
  • Fox Sports Radio en del Plata
  • Expediente Fútbol
  • Máxima Velocidad
  • 5ta a fondo
  • Stop and Go
  • Invierno Fox Sports
  • Atlas, La otra pasión
  • Fox Sports Clásico
  • EuroGol
  • Car News TV

Many shows have been shot down because of budget and rating.

  • 2002 El Circuito (Motorsport)


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