Fujiwara no Seishi

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Fujiwara no Seishi
Empress consort of Japan
Spouse Emperor Sanjō of Japan
House House of Yamato
Father Fujiwara no Naritoki
Born 972
Died April 25, 1025

Empress (Kōgō): Fujiwara no Seishi (藤原娍子) (972–1025) was the consort of Emperor Sanjō of Japan. She was the first daughter of Fujiwara no Naritoki (藤原済時).


  • Imperial Prince Atsuakira (敦明親王) (994–1051), Emperor Go-Ichijō's Crown Prince; later, Ko-ichijō In (小一条院)
  • Imperial Prince Atsunori (敦儀親王) (997–1054)
  • Imperial Prince Atsuhira (敦平親王) (999–1049)
  • Imperial Princess Tōshi (real pronunciation is unknown) (当子内親王) (1001–1023), 37th Saiō in Grand Shrine of Ise) 1012–1016
  • Imperial Princess Shishi (real pronunciation is unknown) (禔子内親王) (1003–1048), spouse of Fujiwara no Norimichi (藤原教通)
  • Imperial Prince Moroakira (師明親王) (1005–1085), lay priest under the name Seishin (性信) (second head priest of Ninna-ji Temple, 仁和寺)



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Japanese royalty
Preceded by
Fujiwara no Kenshi
Empress consort of Japan
Succeeded by
Fujiwara no Ishi