Garut Regency

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Garut Regency
Nickname(s): Kota Intan
Motto: Tata Tengtrem Kertarahardja
Garut Regency is located in Indonesia
Garut Regency
Garut Regency
Location of Garut Regency in Indonesia
Coordinates: 6°57′S 107°24′E / 6.950°S 107.400°E / -6.950; 107.400Coordinates: 6°57′S 107°24′E / 6.950°S 107.400°E / -6.950; 107.400
Country  Indonesia
Province West Java
 • Regent Aceng Fikri
 • Total 3,065.19 km2 (1,183.48 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 2,395,711
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)
Area code(s) 0262
Garut Regency faces the Indian Ocean and southwest of Bandung in West Java.

Garut is a Regency in the West Java province of Indonesia. Garut Regency Its area is 3,065.19 km² (1,183.48 mi²). Geographically, it lies between 6°57′34″ – 7°44′57″ South latitude and 107°24′34″ – 108°7′34″ East longitude. The capital is the city of Garut.

Adjacent regencies[edit]

It is bordered by:


In general, Garut has a cool but tropical climate, with an average temperature of 24°C (76°F). Average annual rainfall is 2,590 mm (102 inches). This area includes valley territory surrounded by volcanoes (Mount Karacak: 1,838 m, Mount Cikuray: 2,821 m, Mount Guntur: 2,249 m, Mount Papandayan: 2,622 m) on the northern side, with average heights of 700–750 m above sea level. Streams of solidified lava are present on their slopes.


Garut sanatorium in the 1920s
The Regent of Garut Raden Adipati Aria Wiratanudatar VII with his wife, RA Lasminingrat, and family.
Garut's main street in 1936

On March 2, 1811, the Balubur Limbangan Regency was defeated by Governor General Herman W. Daendels (of the Dutch Colonial Army), and Regent Tumenggung Wangsakusumah II resigned. Balubur Limbangan Regency comprised 6 sub-districts: Balubur, Malangbong, Wanaraja, Wanakerta, Cibeureum and Papandak.

On February 16, 1813, a new Limbangan Regency was founded by Lt. Governor Sir Stamford Raffles which became Garut Regency. R.A.A. Adiwijaya was the first Regent of Garut Regency. He governed from 1813 until 1821. He was well known for his call of Dalem Cipeujeuh.


Administratively, Garut Regency consists of 42 districts with 400 villages and 24 subdistricts. Cibalong subdistrict is the widest region that reached 6.97% from wide of all Garut Regency region (21,359 ha), while the Kersamanah sudistricts is the smallest with an area of 1,650 ha or 0.54%. Garut constitutes the buffer land and hinterland for the development of Bandung Raja's territory. It has a strategic position and acts as the supplier for the needs of Bandung municipality and regency's populations.

The Garut Regency has two distinct topographical areas:

  • Northern Garut consists of highlands which constitute the largest rice fields in Garut
  • Southern Garut mostly consists of sloping land and twelve rivers which flow south, emptying into the Indian Ocean

Tourist resorts are present in Garut Regency, with coastal views, and others with craters, waterfalls, lakes and a hot springs.[1]

Local produce[edit]

Land fertility varies greatly because of influence by mountains, rivers and coastal lowlands. As a result, agricultural businesses are primarily plantation-based, as well as subsistence farming and animal husbandry, followed by forest resources.

Some known products from Garut are:

¤ Mangdogars Handycraft "Mang Dogar" as Garut Icon likes ornamen, dolls, souvenir, clothes

  • Garut Lamb (Domba Garut)
  • Dodol Garut (a snack)
  • Vetiver Root Oil (Andropogon zizanioides)
  • Batik Tulis Garutan (hand painted clothes)
  • Silk clothes
  • Gemstones
  • Leather crafts
  • Bamboo crafts

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