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State Route 45 marker

State Route 45
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length: 88.1 mi[1] (141.8 km)
Major junctions
South end: US 84 / SR 38 in Iron City
  US 27 / SR 1 / SR 91 in Colquitt
US 82 / SR 50 west of Dawson
US 82 / SR 32 / SR 520 in Dawson
North end: US 280 / SR 27 in Plains
Counties: Seminole, Miller, Early, Calhoun, Terrell, Webster, Sumter
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
SR 44 SR 46

State Route 45 (SR 45) is a 88.1-mile-long (141.8 km) state highway that runs south-to-north through portions of Seminole, Miller, Early, Calhoun, Terrell, Webster, and Sumter counties in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Georgia. The route connects Iron City and Plains, via Colquitt and Dawson.

Route description[edit]

SR 45 begins at an intersection with US 84/SR 38 (Dunham Street) in Iron City, in Seminole County. It passes through rural areas of the county and crosses into Miller County. It enters Colquitt, passing Pleasant Hill Cemetery and curving to the northwest. The highway intersects SR 91, which begins a concurrency through town, and the two turn to the northeast. Less than 1,000 feet (300 m) later, they intersect US 27/SR 1, which join the concurrency. The four highways head east, crossing over Spring Creek into the main part of town. They pass by the Colquitt City Cemetery. Then, SR 45/SR 91 split off onto West College Street. Just under 1,000 feet (300 m) later, they meet the northern terminus of SR 45 Connector (South 1st Street). At this intersection, SR 45/SR 91 turn to the north. One block later, SR 91 heads east on Main Street, while SR 45 continues to the north. Just before leaving town, it passes Miller County High School. SR 45 heads nearly due north and gradually curves to the north-northeast before entering Early County. The road curves to the northeast and then curves back to the north. It enters Damascus, where it has a very brief concurrency with SR 200. It heads nearly due-north and curves to the north-northwest and enters Arlington. It intersects SR 216 (Newton Road), which runs concurrent with SR 45 into the main part of town. Less than 2,000 feet (610 m) later, SR 62 (Blakely Road SW). At Maxwell Street, they cross into Calhoun County. At Cedar Street, they meet the southern terminus of SR 45 Alternate/SR 45 Truck. On block later, SR 62 departs to the east-northeast on Pioneer Road. Two blocks later, SR 45 and SR 216 diverge, with SR 216 turning left onto Morgan Road NW and SR 45 traveling to the northeast on Morgan Road NE. It passes through rural areas of the county and enters Morgan, where it has a very brief concurrency with SR 37. The highway heads north, curves to the northeast, and then to the east, crossing over Ichawaynochaway Creek. It intersects the western terminus of SR 234, at which point it turns north-northeast. A little distance later, it enters Terrell County on a fairly northern routing. It intersects US 82/SR 50 (Graves Highway), west of Dawson. At this intersection, SR 50 meets its eastern terminus, and US 82/SR 45 run concurrent into town. In town, they pass Dawson Country Club and cross over Brantley Creek, before intersecting SR 520. At this intersection, US 82 heads southeast, concurrent with SR 520 east, while SR 45 departs to the north, concurrent with SR 520 west. A few blocks later, they meet the western terminus of SR 32 (East Lee Street). The two routes leave town, and SR 45 heads north-northeast. It meets the southern terminus of SR 49. The highway continues in roughly a northern routing. Then it curves to the northwest, cutting across a small portion of Webster County, before curving back to the northeast and crossing over Kinchafoonee Creek. Immediately afterward, it enters Sumter County. SR 45 continues to the northeast and enters Plains. There, it meets the northern terminus of SR 308 (Bonds Trail Road). It heads north-northwest and meets its northern terminus, an intersection with US 280/SR 27 (Church Street).[1]

SR 45 is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]


Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Seminole Iron City 0.0 0.0 US 84 / SR 38 (Dunham Street) Southern terminus
Miller Colquitt 12.2 19.6 SR 91 south – Donalsonville Southern end of SR 91 concurrency
12.3 19.8 US 27 north / SR 1 north Southern end of US 27/SR 1 concurrency
13.5 21.7 US 27 south / SR 1 south (Crawford Street) Northern end of US 27/SR 1 concurrency
13.7 22.0 SR 45 Conn. south (South 1st Street) Northern terminus of SR 45 Connector
13.7 22.0 SR 91 north (Main Street) – Newton Northern end of SR 91 concurrency
Early Damascus 22.7 36.5 SR 200 east (Damascus Highway) – Newton Southern end of SR 200 concurrency
22.9 36.9 SR 200 west (Haddock Street) – Blakely Northern end of SR 200 concurrency
Arlington 31.5 50.7 SR 216 east (Newton Road) Southern end of SR 216 concurrency
31.9 51.3 SR 62 west (Blakely Road SW) – Blakely Southern end of SR 62 concurrency
Calhoun 32.5 52.3
SR 45 Alt. north / SR 45 Truck north (Cedar Street East)
Southern terminus of SR 45 Alternate/SR 45 Truck
32.6 52.5 SR 62 east (Pioneer Road) – Leary Northern end of SR 62 concurrency
32.7 52.6 SR 216 west (Morgan Road NW) – Edison Northern end of SR 216 concurrency
32.8 52.8
SR 45 Alt. south / SR 45 Truck south (Mayhaw Avenue NE)
Northern terminus of SR 45 Alternate/SR 45 Truck
Morgan 43.9 70.7 SR 37 west (Dickey Street) – Edison Southern end of SR 37 concurrency
44.0 70.8 SR 37 east (Dickey Street) – Leary Northern end of SR 37 concurrency
  45.3 72.9 SR 41 north – Shellman Southern terminus of SR 41
  50.1 80.6 SR 234 east – Albany Western terminus of SR 234
Terrell   63.6 102.4 US 82 west / SR 50 west (Graves Highway) Southern end of US 82 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 50
Dawson 66.7 107.3 US 82 east / SR 520 east Northern end of US 82 concurrency; southern end of SR 520 concurrency
66.9 107.7 SR 32 east (West Lee Street) – Leesburg Western terminus of SR 32
  68.5 110.2 SR 520 west (Columbus Highway) – Richland Northern end of SR 520 concurrency
  73.4 118.1 SR 49 north (Americus Highway) – Americus Southern terminus of SR 49
No major junctions
Sumter Plains 87.8 141.3 SR 308 south (Bonds Trail Road) – Smithville Northern terminus of SR 308
88.1 141.8 US 280 / SR 27 (Church Street) – Richland, Americus Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

Arlington alternate route[edit]

State Route 45 Alternate
Location: Arlington
Length: 0.4 mi[3] (0.6 km)

State Route 45 Alternate (SR 45 Alternate) is a 0.4-mile-long (0.64 km) alternate route that exists entirely within the southwestern part of Calhoun County. Its route is also completely within the city limits of Arlington and is concurrent with SR 45 Truck for its entire length.

It begins at an intersection with SR 45/SR 62/SR 216 (Highland Avenue North), in the central part of Arlington. This intersection also marks the southern terminus of SR 45 Truck. SR 45 Alternate/SR 45 Truck head east-northeast on Cedar Street East for two blocks. Then, they turn left onto Mayhaw Avenue NE and travel north-northwest through town. One block later, they have another intersection with SR 62 (Pioneer Road). Another block later is M.L. King Drive NE. The two routes continue to the north-northwest for one more block, where they both meet their northern terminus, a second intersection with the SR 45 mainline (Morgan Road NE).[3]

SR 45 Alternate is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]

The entire route is in Arlington, Calhoun County.

Mile[3] km Destinations Notes
0.0 0.0
SR 45 / SR 62 / SR 216 (Highland Avenue North) / SR 45 Truck north
Southern terminus of SR 45 Alternate & SR 45 Truck
0.2 0.3 SR 62 (Pioneer Road) – Leary
0.4 0.6
SR 45 (Morgan Road NE) / SR 45 Truck south – Morgan
Northern terminus of SR 45 Alternate & SR 45 Truck
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Connector route[edit]

State Route 45 Connector
Location: Colquitt
Length: 0.5 mi[4] (0.8 km)

State Route 45 Connector (SR 45 Connector) is a 0.5-mile-long (0.80 km) connector route that exists entirely within the central part of Miller County. Its route travels totally within the city limits of Colquitt and is known as South 1st Street for its entire length.

It begins at an intersection with SR 310 in the southeastern part of Colquitt. It heads north-northwest to an intersection with US 27/SR 1 (Crawford Street). Then, it curves to a nearly-due-north routing for one block and meets its northern terminus, an intersection with SR 45/SR&nbps;91 in the main part of town.[4]

SR 45 Connector is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]

The entire route is in Colquitt, Miller County.

Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
0.0 0.0 SR 310 (South 1st Street/East Grow Street) – Brinson Southern terminus
0.4 0.6 US 27 / SR 1 (Crawford Street)
0.5 0.8 SR 45 / SR 91 (College Street/North 1st Street) – Donalsonville, Newton, Iron City, Damascus Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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