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Grace Kelly (1929–1982) acted in eleven motion pictures in her brief film career, and acted in very many television dramas. They are listed here, along with notable filmed personal appearances.

Motion picture filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Director Co-stars
1951 Fourteen Hours Louise Ann Fuller Henry Hathaway Paul Douglas, Richard Basehart, Barbara Bel Geddes
1952 High Noon Amy Fowler Kane Fred Zinnemann Gary Cooper, Katy Jurado, Lloyd Bridges, Thomas Mitchell
1953 Mogambo Linda Nordley John Ford Clark Gable, Ava Gardner
1954 Dial M for Murder Margot Mary Wendice Alfred Hitchcock Ray Milland, Robert Cummings, John Williams
Rear Window Lisa Carol Fremont Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart, Wendell Corey, Thelma Ritter, Raymond Burr
The Country Girl Georgie Elgin George Seaton Bing Crosby, William Holden
Green Fire Catherine Knowland Andrew Marton Stewart Granger
The Bridges at Toko-Ri Nancy Brubaker Mark Robson William Holden, Fredric March, Mickey Rooney, Earl Holliman
1955 To Catch a Thief Frances Stevens Alfred Hitchcock Cary Grant
1956 The Swan Princess Alexandra Charles Vidor Alec Guinness, Louis Jourdan
High Society Tracy Samantha Lord Charles Walters Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm

Television appearances and filmography[edit]

Year TV series and network Date of broadcast and episode title Episode sequence Cast, writer, director and explanatory notes
1948 Kraft Television Theatre
November 3:
"Old Lady Robbins"
season 2 episode 7 Ethel Owen, Grace Kelly
1950 The Philco Television Playhouse
January 8:
"Bethel Merriday"
season 2 episode 19 Grace Kelly as Bethel Merriday, Oliver Thorndike, Warren Stevens, Katherine Meskill, Mary Patton, Frank Stephens, Mary K. Wells
—————adapted from novel by Sinclair Lewis
directed by Delbert Mann
Ripley's Believe It or Not
January 11:
"The Voice of Obsession"
season 2 episode 2 John Hudson, Hildy Parks, Grace Kelly
Westinghouse Studio One
January 23:
"The Rockingham Tea Set"
season 2 episode 20 Starring Louise Allbritton as Celia Arden; Featuring Catherine Willard as Mrs. Arden, Judson Laire as Dr. Waller, Katherine Emmet as Mrs. Gregory; Introducing Grace Kelly as Sara Mappin, Richard McMurray as David Barr; Other players Cecil Scott and Nell Harrison
—————by Virginia Douglas Dawson
adapted by Worthington Miner and Matthew E. Harlib
directed by Franklin Schaffner
The Philco Television Playhouse
February 12:
"Ann Rutledge"
season 2 episode 24 Grace Kelly as Ann Rutledge, Stephen Courtleigh as Abraham Lincoln
Actors Studio
March 3:
"The Apple Tree"
season 2 episode 22 John Merivale, Patricia Kirkland, Grace Kelly
host: Marc Connelly
Cads, Scoundrels and Ladies
April 25:
"The Lovesick Robber"
drama special one-time hour-long live presentation replacing The Original Amateur Hour
Grace Kelly appears in "The Lovesick Robber", one of the comedy-drama one-act plays
The Play's the Thing
May 26:
"The Token"
season 1 episode 7 Mark Roberts, Grace Kelly
host: Marc Connelly
The Play's the Thing
June 9:
"The Swan"
season 1 episode 8 Grace Kelly as Princess Alexandra [the role she will play again in the 1956 film], George Keane as Nicholas Agi, Alfred Ryder as Prince Albert, Jane Hoffman as Princess Beatrix, Leopoldine Konstantin as Queen Maria Dominika, Dennis Hoey as Father Hyacinth
—————adapted from play by Ferenc Molnár
host: Marc Connelly; directed by David Pressman
Comedy Theater
July 9:
"Summer Had Better Be Good"
season 1 episode 1 Grace Kelly
—————by Ruth McKenney
Lights Out
July 17:
"The Devil to Pay"
season 2 episode 45 Jonathan Harris, Grace Kelly, Theodore Marcuse
directed by William Corrigan
Big Town
October 5:
"The Pay-Off"
season 1 episode 1 Patrick McVey, Mary K. Wells, Grace Kelly
directed by David Lowell Rich
The Clock
October 20:
season 2 episode 4 Torin Thatcher, Grace Kelly
—————adapted from novella by Balzac
directed by Grey Lockwood
The Web
November 1:
"Mirror of Delusion"
season 1 episode 18 Hugh Franklin, Anna Lee, Grace Kelly, Mary Stuart
host: Jonathan Blake
Somerset Maugham TV Theatre
November 15 season 1 episode 5 Leo Penn, Grace Kelly
—————adapted from story by W. Somerset Maugham
host: W. Somerset Maugham
December 19:
"The Sergeant and the Doll"
season 1 episode 13 Laura Weber, Grace Kelly, James Westerfield
host: Richard Stark
The Philco Television Playhouse
December 31:
"Leaf Out of a Book"
season 3 episode 17 Vicki Cummings, Lauren Gilbert, Grace Kelly, Claudia Morgan [restaged, again on NBC, with most of the same cast, on Goodyear Television Playhouse, broadcast July 6, 1952]
1951 The Prudential Family Playhouse
February 13:
"Berkeley Square"
season 1 episode 10 Richard Greene as Peter Standish, Grace Kelly as Helen Pettigrew, Rosalind Ivan as Lady Ann Pettigrew, Mary Scott as Kate Pettigrew
—————adapted from play by John L. Balderston
Nash Airflyte Theater
February 22:
"A Kiss for Mr. Lincoln"
season 1 episode 23 Richard Greene, Grace Kelly, Bruce Gordon, Sarah Cunningham, Sarah Floyd
host: William Gaxton
directed by David Pressman
Fourteen Hours
first screening:
March 6
first feature film Paul Douglas, Richard Basehart, Barbara Bel Geddes, Debra Paget, Agnes Moorehead, Robert Keith, Howard Da Silva, Jeffrey Hunter, Martin Gabel, Grace Kelly
directed by Henry Hathaway
Armstrong Circle Theatre
June 5:
"Lover's Leap"
season 1 episode 53 Leslie Nielsen, Grace Kelly, Don Murphy, Alan Abel, Larry Buchanan, Michael Keith, Charles Mendick
Armstrong Circle Theatre
November 27:
"Brand from the Burning"
season 2 episode 11 Thomas Coley, Grace Kelly
host: Nelson Case
The Philco Television Playhouse
December 30:
"The Sisters"
season 4 episode 6 Leslie Nielsen, Grace Kelly, Dorothy Peterson, Natalie Schafer
—————by Robert Alan Aurthur
directed by Gordon Duff
1952 CBS Television Workshop
January 13:
"Don Quixote"
season 1 episode 4 Boris Karloff as Don Quixote, Jimmy Savo as Sancho Panza, Grace Kelly as Dulcinea
—————adapted from the Cervantes classic
directed by Sidney Lumet
Hallmark Television Playhouse
January 20:
"The Big Build Up"
season 1 episode 4 Grace Kelly as Claire, Richard Derr, Vinton Hayworth, Parker McCormick, Harry Mehaffey, Elinor Randel
—————adapted from novel by Michael Foster
host: Sarah Churchill; directed by William Corrigan
February 5:
"Prelude to Death"
season 2 episode 21 Grace Kelly, Carmen Mathews
host: Richard Stark
The Philco Television Playhouse
February 10:
"Rich Boy"
season 4 episode 9 Gene Lyons as Anson Hunter, Grace Kelly as Paula Legendre, Phyllis Kirk as Dolly Karger, Kathleen Comegys as Aunt Edna, Mary Jackson, Henry Hart, Robert McQueeney, Tom Pedi, Geoffrey Lumb, David White, Eric Sinclair
—————adapted by Walter Bernstein from short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald; directed by Delbert Mann
Lux Video Theatre
February 18:
"Life, Liberty and Orrin Dudley"
season 2 episode 26 Jackie Cooper as Orrin Dudley, Grace Kelly as Beth
—————teleplay by John Whedon
directed by Richard Goode
Lights Out
March 17:
"The Borgia Lamp"
season 4 episode 30 Robert Sterling, Grace Kelly, Hugh Griffith
Robert Montgomery Presents
June 2:
"Candles for Theresa"
season 3 episode 31 Robert Sterling, Grace Kelly
host: Robert Montgomery
Kraft Television Theatre
June 11:
"The Cricket on the Hearth"
season 5 episode 40 Russell Hardie as Edward Plummer, Grace Kelly as May Fielding
—————adaptation of the Dickens classic
July 1:
"Fifty Beautiful Girls"
season 4 episode 41 Joseph Anthony, Grace Kelly, Rusty Lane, Robert Keith, Jr.; host: Rex Marshall
[Ostensibly broadcast live at 9:30–10:00 p.m.;[citation needed] since this episode and the one below were both broadcast live, research has not yet determined how Kelly could have simultaneously performed in both productions.]
Armstrong Circle Theatre
July 1:
"City Editor"
season 2 episode 41 Louise Allbritton, Shepperd Strudwick, Grace Kelly
host: Joe Ripley
[Ostensibly broadcast live at 9:30–10:00 p.m.;[citation needed] since this episode and the one above were both broadcast live, research has not yet determined how Kelly could have simultaneously performed in both productions.]
Goodyear Television Playhouse
July 6:
"Leaf Out of a Book"
season 1 episode 20 Lauren Gilbert, Grace Kelly, Claudia Morgan
[restaged production, again on NBC, with most of the same cast, of December 31, 1950 episode of Philco Television Playhouse]
High Noon
(Stanley Kramer Productions)
first screening:
July 7
second feature film Gary Cooper, Thomas Mitchell, Lloyd Bridges, Katy Jurado, Grace Kelly
directed by Fred Zinnemann
Kraft Television Theatre
August 29:
"The Small Hours"
season 5 episode 49 Lauren Gilbert as Henry Mitchell, Katherine Meskill as Laura Mitchell, Grace Kelly as Dorothy Mitchell
—————adapted from play by George S. Kaufman and Leueen MacGrath
Armstrong Circle Theatre
September 2:
season 2 episode 48 Darren McGavin, Grace Kelly, Barbara Baxley
host: Joe Ripley
directed by Garry Simpson
Westinghouse Studio One
September 22:
"The Kill"
season 5 episode 1 Starring Dick Foran as Jeff, Nina Foch as Carrie, Grace Kelly as Freda, Paul Langton as Marsh, Harry Townes as Dave, Don Hanmer as Al, Carl Frank as Link, George Mitchell as Abner, Joe Maross as Neighbor, Alan Devitt as Cap Manny, Frank Marth as Bub, James Coots as Sheriff, Arthur Junaleska as Billy, Lynn Loring as Carol
—————based on The Mountains Have No Shadow by Owen Cameron; written for television by Reginald Rose; directed by Franklin Schaffner
Lux Video Theatre
September 29:
"A Message for Janice"
season 3 episode 6 Jackie Cooper, Grace Kelly as Janice, George Hall
—————by S. H. Barnett from story by Walter C. Brown
directed by Richard Goode
1953 Lux Video Theatre
May 14:
"The Betrayer"
season 3 episode 37 Robert Preston, Grace Kelly as Meg
—————written by Charles L. Emmons
directed by Fielder Cook
The Philco Television Playhouse
June 7:
"The Way of the Eagle"
season 5 episode 24 Jean-Pierre Aumont, Grace Kelly
Kraft Television Theatre
June 17:
"Boy of Mine"
season 6 episode 37 Henry Jones, Grace Kelly, Martin Newman
first screening:
October 9
third feature film Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly
directed by John Ford
Toast of the Town
October 18 season 7 episode 6 nine days after release of Mogambo, Grace Kelly performed on America's top-rated star-driven variety program; in other segments: David Wayne, Ralph Meeker, John Forsythe; host: Ed Sullivan
1954 Kraft Television Theatre
January 6:
"The Thankful Heart"
season 7 episode 19 Florenz Ames, John Stephen
[nearly seven months after appearing in her previous live TV drama (on the same anthology series) and, on the brink of movie stardom, with full schedule of film starring roles, Grace Kelly here gives her final performance for the Golden Age of Television]
26th Academy Awards
March 25 second televised Academy Awards host in Hollywood: Donald O'Connor
host in New York: Fredric March
Grace Kelly as presenter and also nominee for Best Supporting Actress in Mogambo
The Country Girl
first screening:
May 17
fourth feature film Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, William Holden
directed by George Seaton
Dial M for Murder
first screening:
May 29
fifth feature film Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings
directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Rear Window
first screening:
August 1
sixth feature film James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey
directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Miss America Pageant
September 11 first Miss America Pageant televised host for the pageant: Bob Russell
commentator for ABC network: John Daly
co-host for ABC network: Bess Myerson
Grace Kelly as one of the judges
The Bridges at Toko-Ri
Los Angeles preview:
September 25
seventh feature film William Holden, Grace Kelly, Fredric March
directed by Mark Robson
Green Fire
first screening:
December 24
eighth feature film Stewart Granger, Grace Kelly, Paul Douglas
directed by Andrew Marton
1955 Toast of the Town
January 9 season 8 episode 18 Grace Kelly's second performance on the top-rated variety program; in other segments: José Greco, Forrest Tucker, Guy Mitchell, James Michener, The Shipstad & Johnson Ice Follies with Werner Groebli, The U.S.O. Hollywood Troupe, The Kermond Brothers, Richard Dwyer, Marie Crimmins; host: Ed Sullivan
27th Academy Awards
March 30 third televised Academy Awards host in Hollywood: Bob Hope
host in New York: Thelma Ritter
Grace Kelly as presenter and also nominee (and eventual winner) for Best Actress in The Country Girl
To Catch a Thief
first screening:
August 3
ninth feature film Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis
directed by Alfred Hitchcock
1956 28th Academy Awards
March 21 fourth televised Academy Awards host in Hollywood: Jerry Lewis
co-hosts in Hollywood: Claudette Colbert and Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Grace Kelly as presenter
The Swan
first screening:
April 26
tenth feature film Grace Kelly, Alec Guinness, Louis Jourdan
directed by Charles Vidor
The Wedding in Monaco
first screening:
May 17
short film 31-minute widescreen filmed record of the wedding of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier
directed by Jean Masson
High Society
first screening:
July 17
eleventh feature film Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra
directed by Charles Walters
The Perry Como Show
September 15 season 7 episode 6 live musical variety program features a segment filmed in the Monaco Royal Palace with Princess Grace and Prince Rainier; in other segments: Irene Dunne, Sal Mineo; host: Perry Como
1958 The Ed Sullivan Show
July 6 season 11 episode 41 third appearance of Grace Kelly, now Princess Grace, on the top-rated variety program, which was officially titled Toast of the Town until September 11, 1955; the live show presents a segment filmed in Monaco in which Princess Grace and Prince Rainier describe the two years of their marriage, mention 4-month-old Prince Albert and introduce 18-month-old Princess Caroline; in other segments: William Bendix, Carol Burnett, Esther Williams, Harold Lloyd and Duke Lloyd, Sally Blair, Professor Backwards, The Kirby Stone Four, Robert Q. Lewis, The Moridor Trio, Jumpin Joe Monahan, Wilbert Clark, Joe Cook, Jr., Jacqueline Dubeiffe, Elaine Herndon; host: Ed Sullivan


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