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Personal information
Birth name Hendrawan
Country  Indonesia
Born (1972-06-27) June 27, 1972 (age 42)
Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight 65
Handedness Right
Men's singles

Hendrawan (Chinese: 葉誠萬; pinyin: Ye Chengwan, born Malang, East Java, Indonesia; June 27, 1972) is a former Chinese Indonesian badminton player.

Hendrawan began playing internationally in the early 1990s but at first was overshadowed by a number of his countrymen who rated among the world's elite players. His results gradually improved, peaking at the end of the decade and the beginning of the next. He earned a silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in men's singles, and won men's singles the 2001 World Championships over Denmark's Peter Gade. Hendrawan was an outstanding Thomas Cup (men's world team) performer for Indonesia, winning each of his championship round singles matches in the 1998, 2000, 2002 editions won by Indonesia. In the last of these his final match victory over Malaysia's Roslin Hashim was decisive, breaking a 2–2 tie.

Player attributes[edit]

Hendrawan's specialty was his deceptive net play that frequently confused and wrong-footed his opponents. His various disguises of shots and deceptive play (such as the backhand crosscourt netshot) have been modified and reused by players today. When asked by other players how he executes these, Hendrawan claims he does not know, as it is "natural" to him.

Personal life[edit]

Hendrawan is the third of four children from parents Sugianto (father) and Susilowati (mother). Married to Sylvia Anggraeni, they have a daughter named Josephine Sevilla. His last formal education level was senior high school. Hendrawan began to play badminton at 10 years old and began his top level career at Cipayung National Training Center. He retired from the Indonesian team in 2003. Currently he trains the national men's singles players as a coach at Cipayung. Generally people call him Wawan.


Record Against Selected Opponents[edit]

Includes results against athletes who competed in Super Series finals, World Championships semifinals, and Olympic quarterfinals.

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