Heonjong of Joseon

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King of Joseon
Reign 1834-1849
Born (1827-09-08)8 September 1827
Died 25 July 1849(1849-07-25) (aged 21)
Buried Donggureung Tomb Cluster, Seoul, South Korea
Predecessor Sunjo of Joseon
Successor Cheoljong of Joseon
Consort Queen Hyohyeon,
Queen Myeongheon
Royal Noble Consort Gyeong
Royal Noble Consort Kim
Royal house House of Yi
Father Crown Prince Hyomyeong
Mother Queen Sinjeong
Heonjong of Joseon
Hangul 헌종
Hanja 憲宗
Revised Romanization Heonjong
McCune–Reischauer Hŏnjong
Pen name
Hangul 원헌
Hanja 元軒
Revised Romanization Wonheon
McCune–Reischauer Wŏnhŏn
Birth name
Hangul 이환
Hanja 李煥
Revised Romanization I Hwan
McCune–Reischauer I Hwan
Courtesy name
Hangul 문응
Hanja 文應
Revised Romanization Muneung
McCune–Reischauer Munŭng

Heonjong of Joseon (8 September 1827 – 25 July 1849) was the 24th king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. He was the grandson of Sunjo. His father was Crown Prince Hyomyeong (posthumously named Ikjong), who died at the age of 21 before becoming king and his mother was Queen Sinjeong of the Pungyang Jo clan. Heonjong was born three-years before Hyomyeong's death.


Heonjong ascended to the throne in 1834 at the age of 8 after his grandfather, King Sunjo, died. Like King Sunjo, Heonjong took the throne at a young age and his grandmother, Queen Sunwon served as regent. Although King Heonjong ascended to the throne, he had no political control over Joseon. When Heonjong reached adulthood, Queen Sunwon refused to give up control. In 1840, the control over the kingdom was then handed down to the Andong Kims, the family of his grandmother Queen Sunwon, following the anti-Catholic Gihae persecution of 1839.

King Heonjong died after reigning for 15 years in 1849 at the age of 21. He was buried at the Gyeongneung tomb withn the Donggureung Tomb Cluster in Seoul, where several kings and queens of the Joseon Dynasty was buried.[1] As King Heonjong died without an heir, the throne passed to a distant descendant of King Yeongjo, King Cheoljong.

As was customary with the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, the chronicle of Heonjong's reign was compiled after his death, in 1851. The compilation of the 16-volume chronicle was supervised by Jo In-yeong.


  • Father: Prince Munjo, then Crown Prince Hyomyeong (효명 세자, 1809–1830). Posthumous name: "Ikjong" (익종).
  • Mother: Queen Sinjeong of the Pungyang Jo clan (신정왕후 조씨, 1808–1890), daughter of Jo Man-yeong (조만영, 1776–1846) and Lady Seong.
  • Consorts and their Respective Issue(s):
  1. Queen Hyohyeon of the Andong Kim clan (효현왕후 김씨), daughter of Kim Jo-geun (김조근), posthumously known as "Hyohyeon, The Seong Empress" (효현성황후)
    1. No issue
  2. Queen Myeongheon of the Hong clan (명헌왕후 홍씨)[2]
    1. A Daughter, who died at childbirth
  3. Royal Noble Consort Gyeong of the Kim clan (경빈 김씨)
    1. No issue
  4. Kim Suk-ui (숙의 김씨)
    1. A Daughter, who died at childbirth" />

Full posthumous name[edit]

  • King Heonjong Jangsuk Chegeon Gyegeuk Jungjeong Gwangdae Jiseong Gwangdeok Hongun Janghwa Gyungmun Wimu Myeongin Cheolhyo the Great of Korea
  • 헌종장숙체건계극중정광대지성광덕홍운장화경문위무명인철효대왕
  • 獻宗莊肅體健繼極中正光大至聖廣德弘運章化經文緯武明仁哲孝大王


Monarchs of Korea
Joseon Dynasty
  1. Taejo 1392–1398
  2. Jeongjong 1398–1400
  3. Taejong 1400–1418
  4. Sejong the Great 1418–1450
  5. Munjong 1450–1452
  6. Danjong 1452–1455
  7. Sejo 1455–1468
  8. Yejong 1468–1469
  9. Seongjong 1469–1494
  10. Yeonsangun 1494–1506
  11. Jungjong 1506–1544
  12. Injong 1544–1545
  13. Myeongjong 1545–1567
  14. Seonjo 1567–1608
  15. Gwanghaegun 1608–1623
  16. Injo 1623–1649
  17. Hyojong 1649–1659
  18. Hyeonjong 1659–1674
  19. Sukjong 1674–1720
  20. Gyeongjong 1720–1724
  21. Yeongjo 1724–1776
  22. Jeongjo 1776–1800
  23. Sunjo 1800–1834
  24. Heonjong 1834–1849
  25. Cheoljong 1849–1863
  26. Gojong 1863–1907
  27. Sunjong 1907–1910

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