High Fidelity (Degrassi: The Next Generation)

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"High Fidelity"
Degrassi: The Next Generation episode
Degrassi HF.jpg
Spinner and Paige find comfort in each other after both find themselves with an ended relationship.
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 18 & 19
Directed by Phil Earnshaw
Written by James Hurst
Production code 518 & 519
Original air date 13 & 20 March 2006 (Canada)
2 & 9 June 2006 (U.S.)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Total Eclipse Of The Heart"
Next →
"Here Comes Your Man"
Degrassi: The Next Generation (season 5)
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"High Fidelity" is a two-part episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation that was broadcast as the final episode in season five. The first part was originally broadcast on 13 March 2006 and the second part originally on 20 March 2006 in Canada; in the United States they were shown on 2 and 9 June 2006. The second part is also the hundredth episode of the series. This two part episode is the final episode where the entire cast is still in high school or a teacher until season eleven. It is also the final episode of the last season to have the school year take place over the entire season before switching to have one semester per season.

Main plot synopsis[edit]

Part One[edit]

Spinner lies to Darcy about being a virgin when he and Darcy are kissing and Darcy stops him before going too far. Spinner lies and says he never was sexually active with Manny. Darcy believes him and verbally bashes Manny over her sexual past. When Manny is seeking help for the upcoming "Fifty Years of Degrassi" history festival, Spinner volunteers because he is looking for something to take his mind off sex and other girls while Darcy is away at bible camp for the summer. Manny hugs Spinner in joy and Darcy starts to become jealous of Spinner's friendship with Manny. When Darcy and Manny start getting into a conversation, Darcy tries to convince Manny to join the Friendship Club and repent for the sins she has committed in the past for a fresh pure start. Manny tells Darcy she does not want to live that lifestyle. Darcy says Spinner is capable of it but Manny then reveals that she and Spinner had sex when they were together after telling Darcy she is a miracle worker for making Spinner abstinent.

During a rehearsal of Manny's scene in the festival, Spinner fills in for Manny's partner since he's sick. When Manny and Spinner pretend to kiss, Darcy gets angry and confronts them about, it only for Manny to say it is in the script. Darcy accuses Manny of still having feelings for Spinner, which causes Spinner to feel uncomfortable so he asks out loud if anyone wants to be Manny's partner. No one volunteers and Darcy says she isn't surprised. Manny asks why she is not surprised and Darcy says she should repent for her sins since she is the school slut. Manny gets angry and the two start a physical fight. Spinner breaks them up and Darcy confronts Spinner about him lying to her about being a virgin.

Spinner wants to make things right with Darcy, so he asks Marco's help with his revirginizing ceremony. Marco gladly agrees even though he's had altercations with the friendship club in the past because he wants to see Spinner happy. Spinner completes the ceremony and Darcy is happy that he made the decision. When the two have a picnic together, Darcy cannot stop thinking about Spinner's past and Spinner says that she is jealous of it. This results in Spinner breaking up with her because of the way she is acting. Spinner finds comfort in his ex-girlfriend, Paige, who also has just ended her relationship with Alex. Paige and Spinner start talking and Spinner says he will drive her home since it is late, only to end the night with a kiss.

Part Two[edit]

The next day, Spinner confides in Marco about his encounter with someone beside Darcy the night before. Marco asks if he is ok with the break-up and asks who he kissed. Paige walks into the room and Spinner awkwardly answers Paige's greeting and questions revealing that Paige was the one Spinner kissed the night before to Marco. Darcy returns to Spinner shortly after and begs for his forgiveness and leaves him to think about it.

Paige tells Hazel about her encounter with Spinner the night before. Hazel says she's just gotten used to Paige dating a girl, and Paige responds that she is allowed to date anyone, male or female, since she is moving on with her life.

While working, Spinner talks to Marco and questions his options. Marco tells Spinner to forgive Darcy. Spinner does so as she comes and visits him at work. Darcy invites Spinner over after she finishes packing for summer camp so they can spend time together before she leaves. Spinner agrees and remembers his plans with Paige that night. Marco tells him to cancel with Paige and Spinner says he will go over and tell her after work.

Spinner arrives at Paige's house and tries to tell Paige that he can't see her, only to be interrupted by her invitation to look at old year books with her. Paige reminds Spinner of the good times they shared in the past and that she never blamed him for what happened to Jimmy. Spinner kisses Paige and they have sex.

The next day, Spinner tells Marco what happened through text messages and asks for advice. Marco does not know what to tell him and Spinner tries to forget about it. When he goes to the "Fifty Years of Degrassi" history festival, he runs into Darcy who asks where he was the night before. Spinner lies and says that he was up all night texting someone about her going away gift. Darcy says she would have of traded a night with him for a gift. Spinner says he is sorry and when they hug, Spinner and Paige make eye contact and Spinner and Paige share a smile. Spinner wishes Darcy luck with her performance.

Spinner looks for Paige and when he does, Paige thanks him for the night before and says it was a good fling for the end of the school year. She says that she will miss Spinner when she goes to university the next year. Spinner says he did not plan on not seeing her any more. Paige realizes the mixed signals and says that it was a one time thing.

To cover his tracks, Spinner tells Darcy that her gift will not arrive on time before she leaves. Darcy asks for a hint and Spinner says no. When Spinner goes to get drinks, Darcy sneaks a look at Spinner's messages only to read the ones between him and Marco that reveal his interactions with Paige the night before. Darcy confronts Spinner about this and sarcastically says that it was a great gift. She ends the relationship.

When the class goes to graduate, Spinner and Jimmy begin to talk and have an actual conversation for the first time in over a year. Spinner and Jimmy rekindle their friendship and Spinner realizes that he should chase after Darcy so they can be together for his final year of high school. Spinner drives after her and catches her as she is about to get onto the bus for camp. Spinner apologizes for all his mistakes and promises to make it up to her. Darcy says that she's not sure if she can forgive him this time, but she looks back at him as she gets on the bus, which gives Spinner hope.

The episode ends with the graduating class throwing up their graduation caps and all the students exchanging congratulatory hugs.

Minor plots synopsis[edit]

Part One[edit]

When Alex gets a low grade on an assignment, Paige asks what she plans to do with her future. Alex is unsure and says she prefers to live "in the now." Paige begins pressuring Alex about her future and all Alex wants to do is have fun. To help Paige have fun, Alex sneaks a CD into Paige's bag in the store so Paige steals it. The plan backfires with Paige getting caught and embarrassed for what happened.

At work, Paige and Alex start to discuss their future after Paige finds out that she's been accepted to Banting University. Paige wants Alex to come move with her, but Alex doesn't want to feel like Paige's lap dog. Alex snaps at a customer and loses her job because Paige had made her angry. Their relationship ends when Paige tries to apologize, but Alex denies it. Alex returns home and finds comfort in her ex-boyfriend, Jay, while Paige finds comfort in her ex-boyfriend, Spinner.

Part Two[edit]

Ashley returns to Degrassi and Jimmy is happy to see her and finds out that Ashley will be returning to Degrassi next year. Jimmy says he hopes to graduate this year, but Ashley is slightly disappointed and hoped to be with him next year. Jimmy goes to his meeting with Mrs. Hatzilakos and finds out that he has to repeat senior year because he is a few credits short because he had missed a large amount of school recovering from being shot. Jimmy is extremely upset and takes his anger out on Spinner when he tries to help him pick up his books after he dropped them.

Ashley catches up with Ellie after being away for a long time and finds out that she has a crush on someone. Ashley thinks it is Jimmy. When the three of them are hanging out, Ashley tells Jimmy that she thinks Ellie has a crush on him and that he should talk to her. Jimmy does talk to Ellie about taking their relationship to the next level, but Ellie turns him down and says she likes someone else. Jimmy is upset and realizes that no one will ever like him because he is in a wheelchair, but Ashley kisses him to show that she doesn't care about the chair.

When the graduating class is receiving their diplomas, Jimmy talks to Spinner and says that he's spent the year blaming everyone else and that he's sorry. Jimmy doesn't want to avoid Spinner for another year, and they become friends again.

Hundredth episode[edit]

The second part was the series' hundredth episode and CTV celebrated the event by throwing a cast party and advance screening of the episodes in Downtown Toronto. Many fans were invited to be a part of the event by answering questions about Degrassi on CTV's website.[1]


Many songs were used in this episode of Degrassi.

  • "Doesn't Anybody Hear" by The Novaks
  • "Dullsville" by The Novaks
  • "Tell Me" by Donatella
  • "A Line To Stand Behind" by Boy
  • "Light After Night" by Jakalope
  • "Man By The Door" by The Novaks
  • "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" by Stars


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