Hoshu Sheedi

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Hosh Muhammad Sheedi
Nickname(s) Hoshu Sheedi
Born 1801
Died 1843
Hyderabad, Sindh, India, (now Pakistan)
Buried at Hyderabad
Battles/wars Battle of Dubba

General Hosh Muhammad Sheedi or Hoshu Sheedi (Sindhi: هوش محمد شيدي; Urdu: ہوش محمّد شیدی‎) was a supreme commander of Sindh's Talpur army. Hoshu Sheedi fought with valor against the British forces under Sir Charles Napier at the Battle of Dabbo, and martyred in the defense of his homeland on March 24, 1843.[1][2]

Hosh Muhammad belonged to the African-descent Sheedi community of Sindh Pakistan. Before his death in the Battleground of Dubbo he called out the famous slogan:

The slogan was originally coined by Talpur Dynasty in the Battle of Miani.[citation needed]

Hosh Muhammad fought with such an unmatched heroism and courage that even his enemy Sir Charles Napier paid great tributes and buried him with full military honours.[3] today every Sindhi has remembering hosh Mohammad sheedi.

Early life[edit]

Hosh Muhammad was born in 1801. Before joining the army, he worked at the residence of Talpur rulers.


Grave of Hosh Mohammad Sheedi

The historical mausoleum of Hosho Sheedi is in Dubee, a small village approximately 10 kilometres from Hyderabad. It was built to pay tribute to the war martyrs and was declared a heritage site. The building needs the maintenance now.


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