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Hour of Decision is a weekly radio broadcast by the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham. Graham began it with a few of his own dollars and ties with a radio station through a friend at his old church. As more and more people listened to the show, donations poured in to keep the show on the air. The show aired for fifty years and changed countless lives.

The first broadcast aired November 5, 1950, as a live radio program featuring Graham's message "Revival", and was directed by Cliff Barrows. A television version aired on ABC Television Sunday nights from 1951-54. The program generally featured a song by soloist George Beverly Shea and a brief message by Rev. Graham. Early episodes followed the team as they traveled the country, while later episodes were studio products and featured testimonies from a range of guests including Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ).

Contrary to the title, the program is only 30 minutes long. (Not to be confused with The Hour of Power featuring Robert Schuller)

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