House of Al-Falasi

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The Al Maktoum family descends from the Al Bu Falasah (now known as Al-Falasi) section of the Bani Yas, a highly respected and authoritative tribal federation that has been the dominant power throughout most of what is now the United Arab Emirates.[1] In 1833, a large, influential group of the Bani Yas moved to Dubai under the leadership of Maktoum bin Buti bin Maktoum. The Al Maktoum family, a part of the highly regarded Al Bu Falasah section of the Bani Yas, continues to rule Dubai to this day.[2] As befits a tribe from which so many noble families have come, the members of the Bani Yas tribe are well known for their patronage of, and involvement in, the literary arts. They are also renowned for their generosity, hospitality and chivalry, as were their Bedouin forefathers.[1][dead link]

Famous members of the House of Al-Falasi: