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Inge Höger (2012)

Inge Höger (born October 29, 1950 in Diepholz) is a German politician. She represents the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the Bundestag. From 2005 to 2006 she was deputy chairman of The Left.


After attending elementary school and business school in Rahde she trained as a forwarding agent from 1967 to 1969. She graduated from the Bremen University of Applied Sciences in 1973 with a degree in Business Administration (FH). From 1994 onwards she worked in various companies in accounting and worked in the management of the AOK in Herford. From 1993 to 2005, she was chair of the Women's Committee of the DGB. She is also a member of Attac.


She became a founding member of the WASG in June 2005 and was also a member of the Left Party.[1] Since 2006 she has been patron of the WASG-related education community.[citation needed]

Member of the Bundestag[edit]

Since 2005, Inge Höger has been a member of the Bundestag.[2] At the 2009 election, she unsuccessfully contested the Herford – Minden-Lübbecke II constituency, but was elected from the North Rhine Westphalia land list.

Gaza flotilla[edit]

At the end of May 2010, together with Annette Groth and Norman Paech, she accompanied a controversial international relief (and islamist Turkish government organized) convoy in the Free Gaza Movement.[3] In her descriptions, Höger said "We felt like we were in a war, like we were being kidnapped.…Nobody had a weapon."[4] She further stated that:

Later, the Israeli soldiers let us go outside, one by one.…We were checked and our personal belongings were taken away. Then we were handcuffed with cable retainers and brought to the upper deck.…They were obviously looking for weapons. They raided and slashed all the suitcases of all passengers and everything was all over the place.[5]

Criticism of Israel[edit]

Höger is noted for her positions against Israeli policies, which some[who?] have used to accuse her of anti-semitism.[6][7][8] The situation[clarification needed] was included in a study by antisemitism expert Charles A. Small.[9]

Benjamin Krüger, a coworker of Frank Tempel, has stated he feels Höger's views are an extremely partisan anti-Israel position that he claims serves various antisemitic prejudices.[10] Krüger claims Höger focuses on anti-Israel stances, causing the neglect of her post as Die Linke defence representative. [10]

In 2011, Höger claimed that Juliano Mer-Khamis and Vittorio Arrigoni, two noted pro-Palestine activists, (who are acknowledged by Hamas to have been killed by Palestinians[11][12][13][14] ) were actually killed by Israel. Writing on her website, Höger wrote: “The question one must pose is: Who profits from this terrible crime? First of all, now two of the activists most ‘dangerous’ for Israel, because they were the most engaged, wellknown and noted, are eliminated". In Germany, Höger has been accused of anti-semitism in relation to these and other statements.

Volker Beck, a German Green Party MP and spokesman for the party on human rights, said “Inge Höger’s wild conspiracy theory is pure speculation, without any concrete factual basis.…She employs the centuries-old image of the perfidiously murderous Jews."[13] The German newspaper Die Welt called Höger a “flawless anti-Semite” because of her "anti-Jewish statements".[13]


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