Jakarta Outer Ring Road

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Jakarta Outer Ring Road
Route information
Maintained by PT Jasa Marga Tbk, under:
PT Jalantol Lingkarluar Jakarta (JLJ)
PT Jakarta Lingkar Baratsatu (JLB)
PT Marga Lingkar Jakarta (MLJ)
Length: 92.6 km (57.5 mi)
Existed: 1990 (some sections still under construction) – present
Major junctions
Northwest end: PIK Interchange
  Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road
Jakarta-Serpong Toll Road
Jakarta Inner Ring Road
Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road
Jagorawi Toll Road
Northeast end: Tanjung Priok Interchange
Major cities: Jakarta
Highway system
Roads and Highways in Indonesia

Jakarta Outer Ringroad (Indonesian:Jalan Tol Lingkar Luar Jakarta) is a tolled ring road circling the city of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. JORR's total length is 65 kilometres and divided by 7 sections. 78% (51 km) road from 65 kilometres are completed. JORR was managed by three toll road companies, There are: PT.MLJ, PT.JLJ, and PT.JLB.


Section Route Length Status
JORR W1 Penjaringan - Kebon Jeruk 8.65 km Operated (2010)
JORR W2 Section 1 Kembangan - Joglo 5.61 km operated (late 2013)
JORR W2 Section 2 Joglo - Ulujami 2.04 km operated (only Joglo-Ciledug bound in late 2013, Ciledug - Ulujami bound will be operate on June-October 2014)
JORR W2 Section 3 Ulujami - Veteran 1.30 km operated (2005)
JORR W2 Section 4 Veteran - Pondok Indah 2.26 km operated (2003)
JORR S Pondok Indah - Kampung Rambutan
(TB Simatupang Toll Road)
12.90 km operated (1990)
JORR E1 Section 1 Kampung Rambutan - Ceger 1 km operated (2000)
JORR E1 Section 2 Ceger - Hankam 3.1 km operated (2002)
JORR E1 Section 3 Hankam - Jati Asih 4.4 km operated (2006)
JORR E1 Section 4 Jati Asih - Cikunir Interchange 3.9 km operated (2007)
JORR E2 Cikunir Interchange - Cakung 9.07 km operated (1991)
JORR E3 Cakung - Cilincing 4.8 km operated (2007)
JORR N Cilincing-Tanjung Priok 5 km operated (2013)


PT Jalantol Lingkarluar Jakarta, JORR toll road operator section West Two South, South, East One, East Two, East Three, and North

PT Jakarta Lingkar Barat Satu, JORR toll road operator section West One

PT Marga Lingkar Jakarta, JORR toll road operator section West Two North
Group I Group II Group III Group IV Group V
Rp 7.500 Rp 9.000 Rp 10.500 Rp 13.500 Rp 16.000

Cikunir Interchange[edit]

From Cikunir 4 Toll Plaza[edit]

From Destination Group I Group II Group III Group IV Group V
Jakarta IC Cikunir IC Rp 11.000 Rp 14.000 Rp 17.500 Rp 21.000 Rp 26.000

Pasar Rebo Interchange[edit]

From Dukuh 1 and Dukuh 3 Toll Plaza[edit]

From Destination Group I Group II Group III Group IV Group V
Jakarta IC Pasar Rebo IC Rp 9.500 Rp 11.000 Rp 12.500 Rp 15.500 Rp 18.500


KM Exit Interchange Penjaringan To Cilincing Cilincing To Penjaringan Remarks
Penjaringan Interchange
5 North Jakarta-West Jakarta Border
Kebon Jeruk Interchange
11 West Jakarta-South Jakarta Border
Ulujami Interchange
17 South Jakarta-East Jakarta Border
TMII Interchange
25 DKI Jakarta
East Jakarta Border
32 West Java
Bekasi City Border
Cikunir Interchange
38 West Java
Bekasi City Border
45 DKI Jakarta
East Jakarta Border
Cakung Interchange
64 East Jakarta-North Jakarta Border
70 East Jakarta-North Jakarta Border
81 East Jakarta-North Jakarta Border
88 East Jakarta-North Jakarta Border
92 East Jakarta-North Jakarta Border

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