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June Singer (1920 – January 19, 2004) was a Jungian analyst and member of the Jung Institute of San Francisco. Dr. Singer was a major figure in the development of the Jungian movement in the United States. She earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from Northwestern University and completed training as a Jungian analyst in Zurich, Switzerland. During the 1960s, Dr. Singer founded the Analytical Psychology Club of Chicago in order to provide interested individuals an opportunity to study the works of Carl Jung. June Singer was a gifted analyst and a distinguished author and lecturer. Her text, Boundaries of the Soul, is considered to be one of the best introductions to Jungian thought.


  • The Unholy Bible: A Psychological Interpretation of William Blake (1970)
  • Boundaries of the Soul:The Practice of Jung's Psychology (1972)
  • Androgyny: Toward a New Theory of Sexuality (1976)

Rereleased in 2000 as Androgyny: The Opposites Within (Jung on the Hudson Book Series)

  • Energies of Love: Sexuality re-visioned (1983)
  • The Unholy Bible: Blake, Jung, and the Collective Unconscious (1986)
    (expanded edition of 1970 book)
  • Seeing through the Visible World: Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos(1991)
  • Modern Woman in Search of Soul: A Jungian Guide to the Visible and Invisible Worlds (Jung on the Hudson Books) (1998)
  • The Power of Love (to transform our Lives and our World)2000 by Nicholas Hays Inc. under the Hudson Jung Book Series.
  • The Gnostic Book of Hours (2003)

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