Képi Blanc (publication)

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Képi Blanc
Insigne KB 60 ans.jpg
Unit Insignia of the Képi Blanc staff
Editor-in-chief chef de bataillon Bertrand Morel
Categories Military
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 11,500
Publisher Colonel Xavier Lantaires
First issue April 30, 1947
Country  France
Language FranceFrench
Website Official Website

Képi Blanc is the official publication of the French Foreign Legion. The content of Képi Blanc relates to the French Foreign Legion, providing to its readers news relating to the Foreign Legion, its history and traditions,and the professional lives of the soldiers in its ranks.[1]



Képi Blanc as it exists today was established on April 30, 1947 in Sidi-bel-Abbes, Algeria by the direction of Colonel Gautier, then the commandant of the Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments (DRCE). The publication's first editor-in-chief was Captain Gheysens.[2]

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