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Not to be confused with Cardassian.
Family name
Stone sculptor at work.jpg
Stone carving
Meaning "Kardash" means 'stone' ("kar") + 'carver' ("dashogh" - "dash")
Region of origin Armenia
Language(s) of origin Armenian
Related names Kardashyan
Footnotes: Frequency comparisons:;[1] Kardashyan[2]

Kardashian (Armenian: Քարտաշեան) is an Armenian surname (from the Armenian քարտաշ meaning "stone carver").

The most notable people with the surname Kardashian come from one Armenian-American family:

First generation:

Second generation (all children of Robert and ex-wife Kris Jenner); all of whom are American television personalities:

Third generation

  • Children of Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick
    • Mason Dash Disick
    • Penelope Scotland Disick
    • Reign Aston Disick
  • Children of Kim and husband Kanye West
    • North "Nori" West