Kita-ku, Sapporo

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Location of Kita-Ku in Sapporo
Kita-ku office (Oct. 2004)

Kita-ku (北区?, lit. "north ward") is a ward of Sapporo composed of residential neighborhoods mostly arranged in grid patterns, and each built surrounding a train station, broken up by areas of farmland and some light-industrial areas. Kita-ku is located in the northern part of Sapporo. With 260,000 people, it is the most populated ward (ku) in Sapporo. The southern end of Kita-ku is more built up, essentially a continuation of the adjoining Chūō-ku ("central ward," downtown Sapporo) The Ishikari River runs through and borders the northern part of Kita-ku.

Kita-ku is subject to a colder, windier climate than the rest of Sapporo, and as one rides the JR line through towards Ainosato (the north-easternmost part of Sapporo) in winter, one can watch the intensity of the snows increase.

Kita-ku is served by Hokkaido Railway Company and the local bus system. Its terrain is very flat, making the area convenient for cycling in summer, as well.

  • Area:63.48 km².
  • Population: 275170 (4/1/2008)

Kita-ku Ward Office:

  • Address: Sapporo-shi Kita-ku, 24 Jo Nishi 6 Chome 001-8612
  • Phone: +81 11-757-2400

Coordinates: 43°5′27″N 141°20′27″E / 43.09083°N 141.34083°E / 43.09083; 141.34083