Kulim Hi-Tech Park

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KHTP Business Centre
KHTP Business Centre
Kulim Hi-Tech Park
Country Malaysia
State Kedah
Established 1996
 • Developed and Managed by Kulim Technology Park Corporation Sdn Bhd
 • Chairman Dato' Seri Mukhriz bin Tun Dr. Mahathir
 • President Mr Annuar Mohd Saffar
 • Administered by Kulim Hi-Tech Park Local Authority (PBT TPHTK)
 • President (Yang DiPertua) Mr Abd. Rahman bin Haji Salleh
Time zone MST (UTC+8)
Mean solar time UTC+06:46:40
Website www.khtp.com.my


Since 1996, the Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) has been developed and managed by Kulim Technology Park Corporation Sdn Bhd to become among the world's best locations or sites for high-tech and high-tech related companies. Today, KHTP has attracted investments worth more than USD10 billion from many multinational and domestic companies that attest to the ease of setting up business operations here.

Pioneering world-names in KHTP include Intel, Fuji Electric, SilTerra, Celestic and Infineon Technologies. Soon after that, First Solar and Panasonic Energy had invested in their vast manufacturing sites in KHTP to produce solar panels for their respective global markets. Many of these companies and more have also reinvested heavily to expand or enlarge their original operations.

Development Masterplan

From the outset, the Kulim Hi-Tech Park masterplan had emphasised on the development of a fully integrated high-tech park that will provide a highly conducive environment for work, living, learning and recreation. Eventually, KHTP wants to become a world-class economic hub that will attract the best high-tech companies and serve as a perfect centre for the proliferation of knowledge and high-skilled workers. Besides promoting job growth and opportunities, When KHTP is fully developed, it is seen as one of the smart strategies to elevate Malaysia's socio-economic status in its aspiration to become a high-income nation by 2020.

All these elements are aptly reflected in KHTP's distinctive 6-petal flower logo, which represents six, all-inclusive, zonal development areas, namely industrial, R&D and training, institutional, housing, amenity and urban.

Currently, development area covers about 1,780 hectares (about 17.8 km2 or 4,400 acres). KTPC are targeting full development exceeding 4,047ha (about 41 km2 or 10,000 acres).


Kulim Hi-Tech Park is located in the Kulim district, in the state of Kedah, in the northern region of Malaysia.


By car, KHTP is about

  • 44 minutes or 45km (about 28 miles)from the heart of Georgetown, Penang via the Penang Bridge;
  • 43 minutes or 46km (about 29 miles) from Penang International Airport;
  • 25 minutes or 27km (about 17 miles) from Butterworth Container Terminal.

Promoted Industries

KTPC welcomes companies with capital-intensive investments from both multinational and domestic high-tech or high-tech related industries that operate clean, high-value and value-added activities including:

  • Wafer Fabrication
  • Semiconductors
  • Renewable or Alternative Energy
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Medical and Scientific Instruments
  • Process control and automation equipment
  • Optical and Electro-optical Applications
  • Optoelectronics
  • Biotechnology
  • Advanced Materials
  • Contract R&D Services
  • Aerospace
  • New and Emerging Technologies

Government Support

The development of KHTP is fully funded and supported in many ways by the Federal Government of Malaysia and the State Government of Kedah. So, investors are rest-assured of sustainable overall development of the park.

Business Incentives

A host of flexible, innovative and attractive business incentives are provided by MIDA, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, to investors whose business activities are within the latest promoted high-tech or high-tech related activities in KHTP.

Investment Enquiry

Please direct all your enquiries to:

The Marketing Department, Kulim Technology Park Corporation Sdn Bhd (Co. Reg: D-44351)

Email: marketing@khtp.com.my, Telephone: +604-4032420, Fax: +604-4031973

Website: www.khtp.com.my



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