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Kyle Cooper (Born July 1962) is a modern designer of motion picture title sequences.

Cooper studied graphic design under Paul Rand at Yale University. Early in his professional career, Cooper worked as a creative director at R/GA - an advertising agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles. During this period, Cooper created the title sequence for the 1995 American crime film Seven, a seminal work which received critical acclaim [1] and inspired a number of younger designers.[dubious ] According to Cooper, at the time he made the title sequence for Seven, main title sequences were behind of what was happening in print, music videos and commercials. He wanted to create main titles that were raising the bar creatively.[2]

In 1996, Kyle co-founded Imaginary Forces with Peter Frankfurt and Chip Houghton- a creative agency that came out of the West Coast division of R/GA. "We have spent a long time building and refining a brilliant creative and production team ... Keeping this group together as our own company is truly exciting," commented Cooper about the name change.[3] Too involved by the business-side of running a design company the size of Imaginary Forces, Cooper decided it was time for him to focus more on his creative work. He left Imaginary Forces. In 2003, Cooper founded the creative agency Prologue.

Prologue, initially located in Malibu, moved to offices in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, in 2008.

His work in the field of film title design is often compared to Saul Bass.[4] Cooper has also directed a feature film, New Port South (2001).

Selected film and game title sequences[edit]


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