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Lakemont Park
Skyliner rollercoaster
Slogan Two Great Parks, Twice the Fun
Location Altoona, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Coordinates 40°28′18″N 78°23′44″W / 40.4717632°N 78.3954871°W / 40.4717632; -78.3954871Coordinates: 40°28′18″N 78°23′44″W / 40.4717632°N 78.3954871°W / 40.4717632; -78.3954871
Opened 1894
Previous names Boyertown USA
Operating season

May until Labor Day

  • Altoona First Festival: September
  • Holiday Lights on the Lake: Late November until first week of January
Area 51 acres (210,000 m2)
Total 25
Roller coasters 4
Water rides 4

Lakemont Park, located in Altoona, Pennsylvania, houses the world's oldest-surviving roller coaster, the Leap-The-Dips. The park opened in 1894 as a trolley park and became an amusement park in the summer of 1899. It is the 8th oldest in the United States. The park was owned by the Boyer Candy Company from May 23, 1986 until July 1, 1988, when it was called Boyertown USA.

Roller coasters[edit]

Ride Opened Description
Leap-The-Dips 1902 A wooden, figure-eight type ride with three, four-seat trains. Only two figure-eight type roller coasters still survive in the world. Leap-The-Dips is one of the few surviving roller coasters with side friction. It is a simple, gentle ride with 3/8 miles of track, or 1,980 feet (600 m).That ride was closed for all but two weeks in 2005, because of maintenance on an old-age roller coaster. The ride was also SBNO from 1986 to 1998.
Little Leaper A standard Allan Herschell Little Dipper kiddie coaster. The park currently does not allow adult riders on this coaster, or anyone over the age of 12.
Skyliner 1987 The Skyliner was relocated from Roseland Park in Canandaigua, New York, where it was built in 1960. The move was to build up the park for the failed Boyertown USA project. This marks one of the few instances of a moved wooden roller coaster in the 80s. Skyliner today borders the outfield of Peoples Natural Gas Field, home of the Altoona Curve, next door.
Toboggan 1971 A portable Chance Rides Toboggan coaster. The ride features four single cars.

Lakemont was once home to a Schmeck wooden roller coaster named "Twister" from 1927-1935. This ride was damaged in a flood on in March, 1936, before being removed a year later. The park also had an Allan Herschell Mad Mouse, which closed in 2003, due to excessive maintenance.


The Sky Diver in the background, with the German Swings in the front.

Lakemont has numerous other rides:

Pay-extra rides[edit]

  • Leap-the-Dips: $2.50 per Ride[1]
  • Tiger Belly Bounce (Inflatable): $2.00 per person[1]
  • Kid's Mini-Indy: $2.50 for a 3 minute race around the kid's track.[1][1]
  • Monster Motorway (Go-Karts): $4.00 for 3 and a half minute ride around the track. Riders must abide by the rules of the track and must be at least 56inches and 10 years old to drive the go-kart alone, or they must ride with a parent in a double car. The track is located near the Skyliner.[1]
  • Traintown Mini Golf $3.00 per round[1]
  • Paddle Boats: $2.50 for 1 lap around the lake

Water park[edit]

  • Three Water Slides must be 42 inches to ride[1]
  • Pool[1]
  • Pirate's Cove (Small Pirate Ship with Water Cannons and Palm Trees)[1]

Park games[edit]


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