Let Me Cry

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For the song by Yello, see Stella (album).
Bulgaria "Let Me Cry"
Eurovision Song Contest 2006 entry
Country Bulgaria
Artist(s) Mariana Popova
Languages English
Composer(s) Dani Milev
Lyricist(s) Elina Gavrilova
Finals performance
Semi-final result 17th
Semi-final points 36
Appearance chronology
◄ "Lorraine" (2005)   
"Water" (2007) ►

“Let Me Cry” was Bulgaria’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English by Mariana Popova.

The song was performed second in the semi-final (following Armenia’s André performing "Without Your Love" and preceding Slovenia’s Anžej Dežan performing "Mr. Nobody") and received 36 points, ending the night in 17th place—thus ensuring that Bulgaria would again start in the semi-final in the 2007 edition of the Contest.

The song is a power ballad sung from the perspective of a woman who has found out that her lover is unfaithful. She tells him that she wants him to “let me cry” rather than be comforted.

It was covered by Israeli countertenor David D'Or on his album entitled David D’Or & the Philharmonic; Live Concert.[1][2]

It was succeeded as Bulgarian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 by Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov with "Water".


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