Lille Lungegårdsvannet

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Lille Lungegårdsvannet
Lille Lungegårdsvannet-improved.jpg
Lille Lungegårdsvannet and the city hall (right), viewed from the south.
Location Bergen
Basin countries Norway

Lille Lungegårdsvannet is a small lake in the city centre of Bergen, Norway. The octagon-shaped lake was formerly connected to Store Lungegårdsvannet, but the strait between the two was removed in 1926.

Historically having been much larger than it now is, Lille Lungegårdsvannet slowly but steadily shrunk to its present size until it got its current shape in the 20th century.[1]


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Coordinates: 60°23′25″N 5°19′42″E / 60.3904°N 5.3284°E / 60.3904; 5.3284