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Linamar Corporation
Type Public
Traded as TSXLNR
Industry Automotive, Manufacturing of high precision machined and assembled components
Founded August 17, 1966 by Frank Hasenfratz as Linamar Machine Limited in Ariss, Ontario
Headquarters Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Key people Frank Hasenfratz - COB
Linda Hasenfratz - CEO
Jim Jarrell - COO
Mark Stoddart - CTO & Executive Vice President of Marketing
Dale Schneider - CFO & Executive Vice President of Finance
Roger Fulton - General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Executive Vice President of Human Resources
Employees 12,000 (2008)[1]
Linamar Corporate Headquarters

Based in Guelph, Ontario, Linamar Corporation is Canada's second largest automobile parts manufacturer after Magna International. Linamar manufactures and supplies automotive and industrial markets across the globe with numerous manufacturing centres across North America, Europe, and Asia.

The company was founded in 1966 by Frank Hasenfratz as Linamar Machine Limited in Ariss, Ontario. The current CEO is Linda Hasenfratz and the company is now based in Guelph, Ontario.[2]

Frank Hasenfratz named Linamar after his late wife Margaret and their two daughters, Linda and Nancy.[3]

Linamar employs over 16,000 employees in 39 manufacturing locations, 5 product development and engineering centers and 15 sales offices in Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, South Korea and China.

World presence[edit]


Corporate Office 287 Speedvale Avenue West Guelph, Ontario, N1H 1C5 T: (519)836-7550 F: (519)824-8479

Guelph, Ontario[edit]

  • Autocom Mfg.
  • Camcor Mfg.
  • Camtac Mfg.
  • Comtech Mfg.
  • Corvex Mfg.
  • Eston Mfg.
  • Hastech Mfg.
  • Linamar Consumer Products
  • Linergy Heavy Manufacturing, Oil, Gas, Windpower and Energy
  • Linamar Gear
  • Linamar Transportation Inc.
  • Linamar Performance Centre (LPC)
  • Linex Mfg.
  • LPP Mfg.Inc.
  • PowerCor Mfg.
  • Quadrad Mfg.
  • Roctel Mfg.
  • Skyjack Inc, Plants 1 and 2.
  • Spinic Mfg.
  • The Frank Hasenfratz Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing {The Centre}
  • Transgear Mfg.
  • Traxle Mfg.
  • Vehcom Mfg.
  • Webstercor Mfg.

Windsor, Ontario[edit]

  • Exkor Manufacturing

United States[edit]


  • Skyjack Mfg. S.W.


  • Eagle Manufacturing CO. L.L.C.


  • Linamar Sales Corp.
  • Linamar U.S.A. INC.
  • McLaren Performance Technologies INC.

North Carolina[edit]

  • Linamar North Carolina



  • Linamar Products Division (LPD)
  • OROS Division (OROS)


  • Precision Part Manufacturing (PPM)


United Kingdom[edit]


  • Linamar Famer Industrie
  • Linamar Famer Rivoire
  • Linamar Famer Transmission



  • Linamar Automotive Systems Korea Ltd.
  • Linamar Automotive Systems (WUXI) Co. Ltd.
  • Linamar Asia-Pacific Group (China) Sales Office
  • Linamar Japan Sales Office


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