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The characters of Silent Hill (top row), Silent Hill 2 (middle row), and Silent Hill 3 (bottom row)

The survival horror video games Silent Hill installments, respectively, in the Silent Hill video game series, feature a cast of characters. The games' player characters are "everymen", in contrast to action-oriented survival horror video game series featuring combat-trained player characters, such as Resident Evil.[1] The games are set in the series' eponymous fictional American town.

The design of the games' characters shifted varying conceptual phases prior to the settle on their depictions in the installments they first appeared in. For the creation of Silent Hill 3 characters' physical appearances, the game's development team used actors as models.



The characters of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 were designed by character designer Takayoshi Sato.[2] Team Silent, a production group within Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, oversaw the process.[3][4][5] Team Silent designed the character Maria to have physical flaws and did not base her on any particular model.[6] The developers toned down her character design after being unhappy with it and the technical problems her low neckline caused.[6] To better capture her facial movements, Sato Takayoshi would practice her expressions in front of a mirror at work and drew her facial expressions instead of using motion capture.[6] Maria and Mary share the same facial structure, polygon count and voice actor; only the muscle structure differs.[6] Takayoshi designed Angela to appear older than her intended age of sixteen or seventeen and the developers chosen an older voice actor for her.[6] Fifty to sixty Japanese and American voice actors auditioned for Silent Hill 2, with five ultimately chosen: Guy Cihi, Donna Burke, David Schaufele, Jakey Breckenridge, and Monica Horgan.[6] Motion capture of the voice actors was used to model their characters' action.[6]

Sophie Marceau (left) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (middle) were the models on which Heather was based;[7] Vanessa Paradis (right) was a model for concept art of Heather[8]

The design of Silent Hill 3's characters passed through different stages. The game's development team initially saw Heather as "innocent", something that was reflected by original sketches of her, but they found this motif to be too "nice", so the game's supervising illustrator, character designer Shingo Yuri, sought another source of inspiration, modelling Heather after French actresses Sophie Marceau and Charlotte Gainsbourg,[7] with Vanessa Paradis having served as a model for concept art of the protagonist.[8] The character's leg-revealing outfit and slightly curly hair had been the subject of debate among Yuri and two young female members of the development team: while Yuri firstly envisioned her wearing jeans, these members dissented on the addition of this element because they believed that Heather should discreetly be instilled sex appeal—a property which they insisted that it should be possessed by her—by having her legs divulged as they considered that exposure of them would bestow femininity and prettiness on Heather; he was ultimately convinced by the females that their own proposal should be followed. Trusting these members' sense of fashion, Yuri also accepted their judgement on the character's hairstyle, which was that curly hair would be more suitable for a young girl. Heather's hair was "more natural" and "less elaborate" in earlier design stages, according to him.[7] The character's name was taken from Heather Morris, who provided Heather's voice and motion capture. The name "Helen" was firstly planned to be used for the character, but was later discarded as it was considered to be old-fashioned.

The design of priestess Claudia Wolf was the most difficult of the game's character designs for the development team.[8] Her creation was based on the concept of making her look strange but conventional and evoke to the player a feeling of being endangered. Desiring to show her evil side, the development team initially imagined her with a shaved head and tattoos all over her body, though this idea was finally rejected as the team deemed that giving her this physical appearance was a very obvious way of achieving this goal.[7] Other dropped ideas included portraying her as a "holy woman" as well as dressed in a long robe that trailed along the ground. After seeing a fashion magazine cover depicting a human face without eyebrows and believing that the pictured person's feelings were unrecognizable due to this trait, the team opted to integrate lack of eyebrows in Claudia to impart her the same perceived property of having feelings unable to be defined by other people, also esteeming this feature to trigger a subtle and solicitous emotion to the player.[7] Hollywood actress Julianne Moore had been used as a model for concept art of the character. Claudia's name originates from Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, having substituted the original "Christie" because the latter was viewed as too "cute".[8]

Silent Hill 3's male characters were delineated by the development team as possessing flaws and complexes in order to appear as realistic humans, an example being character Douglas Cartland's combing of his hair to his head's back part to conceal his baldness.[7] In early design stages, the image of a quotidian middle-aged detective was attributed to him.[8] A priest from the film The Fifth Element was the basis for the generation of Douglas;[7] actors such as Ian Holm and Giancarlo Giannini were models for some of the character's concept art. The name of Douglas was taken from actor Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and according to one of the game's creators, this name was selected because it "just seemed to suit him", with the character not being connected to his namesake.[8] The foundation of character Vincent's design was the idea of a character of a hypocritic nature which is disguised by their "nice" clothes and neat appearance, as the game's animator wished the hierocracy of Vincent to be manifested through the way he acts. An incorporation of hints aiming at unveiling Vincent's nature occurred, though, according to Yuri: the character constantly laughs "like he is hiding something nasty" and during his speech, "one of his eyes is not looking at the observer." Yuri underlined that the latter hint is subtle.[7]

Main game series characters[edit]

Note: Some characters may or may not appear in Silent Hill 2 or Silent Hill 3, depending on their fate in the previous games.

Silent Hill characters[edit]

Harry Mason[edit]

  • Father of Cheryl Little, writer by profession. Depicted as a model father, constantly asking for his daughter he seeks, is the character who drove in the game's development. He also made a cameo in Silent Hill 3.
  • 17 years after the events of the original Silent Hill Harry returned in Silent Hill 3 and now he is 49. He raised Heather in the unnamed town for 12 years.
  • He was the false protagonist in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and appeared in Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

Cheryl Mason[edit]

  • Adopted daughter of Harry, who reveals the other half is the soul of Alessa Gillespie. It is used by Dahlia to give birth to "God."
  • Cheryl/Alessa returns in Silent Hill 3 as Heather Mason, who has forgotten the memories of her past lives. When Harry escaped from Silent Hill and moved to Portland, he initially raised her as Cheryl. This explains why Douglas Cartland lists Heather as twenty-four rather than seventeen. At the normal ending she decided to call herself Cheryl.
  • In the good ending of Silent Hill: Origins, a radio transmission appears of Cheryl's adoptive mother and father finding her abandoned on the side of the road. Jodie decides to call her Cheryl.
  • She is also the protagonist of Shattered Memories as Cheryl Heather Mason.

Jodie Mason[edit]

  • Voiced by Jennifer Woodward.
  • Harry's late wife from the first game and its prequel. Also referenced in Silent Hill 3 and in Shattered memories Dahlia is composite of both herself and Jodie.

In the Movies Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Revelation she was known as Rose Da Silva where she was the protagonist of the first film.

Dahlia Gillespie[edit]

  • Mother of Alessa Gillespie, an important part of the worship of the people and owns an antique store where the ritual and full aware of the events of the city was made. An influential figure within the sect, and responsible for all the events in the village. (actually seeks to control the god for their purposes, throughout the game never speaks of "salvation" or "renaissance" only power).
  • She Returned in Silent Hill: Origins a prequel to the first game. When Travis Grady sees the burning Gillespie House, he sees a younger-looking Dahlia near the house, who slinks away. She dies at the end of Silent Hill 1 and later appeared in Silent Hill Shatter Memories as a composite of Jodie Mason and herself.

Alessa Gillespie[edit]

Being the daughter of Dahlia Gillespie, was burned by her mother to give birth to God Cult. Her death was averted by Travis Grady (not mentioned in this issue), eternally suffering the agony of his burns. Essential part of the ritual for the release of this god. She is the creator of all and each of the existing monsters in the village, which are manifestations of their fears. It has the ability to turn the whole town into ashes. In Silent Hill: Origins when Alessa was seven years old, Dahlia became convinced that a ritual to summon the cult's God would likely be a success if she used her daughter as its birth mother, due to the vast powers possessed by Alessa. The technique had been performed on other girls abducted by the Order, but all previous attempts had failed. In Silent Hill 3 she appeared as the memory of Alessa fighting her reincarnation Cheryl/Heather Mason. In the 2006 film adaptation of Silent Hill, Alessa Gillespie is portrayed as three entities sharing one identity; Alessa (an adult woman, burned alive as a child, confined to a hospital gurney), Dark Alessa (the corrupted portion of Alessa) and Sharon Da Silva (the innocent side of Alessa). In Silent Hill: Revelation, Alessa is portrayed by Erin Pitt. The past Alessa has a relatively minor role in the film.

Cybil Bennett[edit]

  • An influential character in the story, she helps Harry find his lost daughter and investigate her precinct's lack of communication with the Silent Hill Police. At the end she becomes one of the game's bosses and it is up to the player whether to kill her or not. No one knows more about it until Silent Hill Homecoming, where she is mentioned again by Wheeler, who revealed that she disappeared in Silent Hill. The only evidence left of her was her motorcycle, She is killed by Harry in the orthodox ending, but in the "Good+" ending, she escapes with Harry and according to series writer Hiroyuki Owaku: what happens to her afterwards is "left to players' imaginations".
  • She appears in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and made a cameo in Book of Memories.
  • She also appears in the Silent Hill film, played by Canadian actress Laurie Holden.

Dr. Michael Kaufmann[edit]

  • He is the director of Alchemilla Hospital where Alessa was until use in the Cult. Like Dahlia, is part of the cult and is totally knowledgeable of a drug called "White Claudia" facing hospital workers for higher performance and discretion to the people.
  • He returned in Silent Hill: Origins in entering Alchemilla Hospital near the start of the game, Travis Grady encounters Kaufmann near the elevator. Travis questions Kaufmann on the condition of Alessa, but Kaufmann denies any knowledge of the incident.
  • He later appears in Shattered Memories as in a way the antagonist trying to get Cheryl to get over her father's death.

Lisa Garland[edit]

  • In Silent Hill she appear when Harry Mason stumbles into the Otherworld Alchemilla Hospital, he finds Lisa huddled in a room, hiding from the monsters. She claims that she has no idea what is going on, explaining that she passed out and when she came to, everything was different. Lisa is a good source of information about Dahlia Gillespie and the cult that resides in the town.
  • She Returns in Silent Hill 3 in the same clip Harry saw of Lisa wondering what was keeping Alessa alive is seen by Heather Mason, the reincarnation of Alessa/Cheryl, in Brookhaven Hospital. She remembers Lisa faintly, and is grateful for her care.
  • Lisa appears in the prequel game Silent Hill: Origins, where her role as an informant does not change.
  • Lisa appears in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as a supporting character but dies.
  • In film adaptation Lisa is credited here as Red Nurse, makes a small appearance in the Silent Hill film, caring for the burned Alessa Gillespie as her nurse. She is portrayed by Emily Lineham.


The God is the deity the Order worships and the true antagonist of the series.It has served as the final boss of Origins, 1,and 3 as well as cameos in 4, Shattered Memories, and Downpour.The God has four forms: the default form is a woman in a red dress in the comics and games, while as The Incubus that resembles the demon Samael. The Incubator is the version of how it is seen by Alessa, The Demon in Silent Hill: Origins, and Claudia Wolf's version in Silent Hill 3. Silent Hill: Downpour also implies that god's original name was Kwekwaxawe (Raven) as Silent Hill was originally called the nest of the raven.

Silent Hill 2 characters[edit]

James Sunderland[edit]

Portrayed by Guy Cihi in the original version[9] and by Troy Baker in the game's 2011 remastering,[10]

  • James Sunderland is the main protagonist and primary player character of Silent Hill 2. After receiving a letter from his deceased wife Mary, James comes to the misty town of Silent Hill to find her.[11] James knew Mary's illness would eventually kill her,[12] and often read medical textbooks, searching for something to help her.[13] The knowledge of her terminal illness caused her to become angry and hurt her loved ones, particularly James, and it pained him to visit her in the hospital.[14] She had been suffering for three years,[15] and died the week preceding the game's events.[16]
  • In his search, he eventually meets Maria, who strongly resembles her except for more provocative clothes and behavior, and allows her to accompany him.[17][18] Over the course of the game, he repeatedly witnesses her death at the hands of the monster Pyramid Head, while the letter from Mary gradually fades, suggesting that he only imagined it.[19][20] Near the conclusion of the game, he watches a videotape that shows him smothering his wife, and realizes that he killed Mary.[21] Returning to see Maria killed again by two Pyramid Heads, he concludes that he needed the monster to punish him for Mary's murder.[22] The Pyramid Heads commit suicide after pursuing him for a while, and James meets either Mary or Maria on the hotel rooftop, depending on which of the six possible endings the player has triggered based on his or her actions throughout the game; all endings are presented as equally valid.[23] Maria or Mary transforms into a monster, and James kills her. In "Leave", James has one last meeting with Mary, reads her full letter and leaves the town with Laura, while "In Water" sees James commit suicide by driving his car into the lake;[24] in "Rebirth", James plans to revive Mary using occult objects collected throughout the game.[25] In "Maria", after Mary's defeat, James dismisses her as a hallucination and then leaves the town with the inexplicably resurrected Maria, who starts coughing.[26][27] The other two are "joke" endings available on replay games: in "Dog", James discovers that, beyond a normally locked door, a Shiba Inu has apparently been controlling all the events of the game from a vision mixer,[28] and the second is a continuation of the UFO ending of the first game, in which James is abducted by aliens with the help of the first game's protagonist, Harry Mason.[29]
  • Subsequent installments in the series have made references to James. If the player has saved data from Silent Hill 2.
  • Silent Hill 3's protagonist can investigate a clogged toilet in the Otherworld, and the player can prompt her to remove the blockage—much like the optional decision in Silent Hill 2.[30][31]
  • Additionally James makes cameo appearances in the joke endings of Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories,[32][33] and Silent Hill: Downpour.


"It doesn't matter who I am... I'm here for you, James. See? I'm real."


Maria is a sexualized manifestation of Mary based on an exotic dancer. She was created in James' mind subsequent to his duress after killing his wife.[20][34] She first appears in "Born from a Wish", a sub-scenario prior to the events in the main game which appeared in the expanded versions of Silent Hill 2. In it, Maria awakens in Heaven's Night club, wondering if she should continue to live and fight, or to let herself be killed by the monsters, and decides to search for someone alive.[35] Her search takes her to a mansion, where she hears the voice of Ernest Baldwin from behind a locked door.[36] She eventually learns about the death of his young daughter, and Ernest tasks her with obtaining an item in a nearby apartment, unable to retrieve it himself.[37][38] After completing her task, she discovers his plan to resurrect his daughter, and he warns her about James.[39][40] Opening the door, she finds no one in the room. At the conclusion of the scenario, Maria contemplates suicide, but ultimately tosses the gun away, resolving instead to find James.

James first meets her in Rosewater Park, his first suspect for the "special place" Mary claims to be in. Maria accompanies James after this point, seeking protection from the monsters in Silent Hill,[18] and after reaching the bowling alley she leads James on an attempt to find Laura ending in Brookhaven Hospital.[41] Maria is killed by Pyramid Head before she can escape the hospital. She reappears again, inexplicably alive and with no memories of her apparent death,[42] in the Labyrinth in a jail cell, seductively beckoning James to rescue her.[43] Before he can reach her, however, she is killed again. She appears a third time in the Lakeview Hotel, where she is killed by two Pyramid Heads promptly after James finds her.

In the "Leave", "In Water" and "Rebirth" endings, James confronts Maria a final time, dressed as Mary and trying to get James to take her.[44] James conclusively rejects her,[45] and she transforms into the final boss with intent on killing him but is instead killed for good by James. In the "Maria" ending, Maria returns alive again after James has killed Mary and James decides to leave Silent Hill with her.[46] As they leave she begins visibly coughing, a hint that she has the same disease Mary had and that the events of the game may repeat themselves.[47]

Maria is portrayed by Monica Horgan.[9]

Angela Orosco[edit]

Angela is drawn to the town after taking a life. She is a disturbed, unstable teenage girl who is ostensibly on a search for her mother.[48] It is strongly implied in the game that Angela was abused and raped by her father, with her mother turning a blind eye.[49][50] Backstory material provided by Konami states that Angela had run away from home prior to the game's events,[51] and after being brought back kills her father, leading to her being drawn to Silent Hill.[20]

James first meets Angela in a cemetery, where she warns him that there's "something wrong" with Silent Hill. She is next seen in the apartment complex area with a blood-covered knife, contemplating suicide. James takes the knife from her at her request, and she flees in panic after he initially tries to take it out of her hand. In a later area, James fights a monstrous version of Angela's father who is about to attack the girl. After the creature's defeat, Angela acts with disdain and general hatred toward men, and accuses James of abandoning Mary for another woman.[52] She is last seen on a burning staircase in the Lakeview Hotel. Angela, now in a state of delusion, mistakes James for her mother. After realizing her error, she asks for her knife back, not before wishing James had left her to die in the labyrinth. She believes that she deserved what her father did to her, and hints at suicide. When James refuses to return her knife, Angela walks into the flames of a burning staircase and is not seen again. As she does so she claims that these burning surroundings are how she always sees the town - one more suggestion that each person drawn to the town perceives it in a different way.

Angela is voiced in the game by Donna Burke.[9] Her appearance in the game and the choice of her portrayer were made by Team Silent with the intention of making her appear unnaturally aged.[6]

Mary Shepherd-Sunderland[edit]

Mary is the late wife of protagonist James Sunderland. The player first sees Mary in a photograph James has with him and spends much of the game searching for her. In the game, she is said to have died from a mysterious illness three years ago. James goes to Silent Hill, where the couple shared many memories, after receiving a letter from Mary that says she is waiting for him there. Over the course of the game, James is haunted by memories of his wife, including Maria, who strongly resembles her, seems to have some of her memories at times, and repeatedly dies. James is eventually forced to remember that Mary died recently and that he killed her, suffocating her with a pillow after she was released from the hospital. In her last days alive, she believed she had become physically repulsive, acting "self-centered and difficult, even abusive towards James".[53][54] Mary does not appear in person until the end of the game: in the "Leave" and "In Water" endings she is shown forgiving James for killing her after the final bossfight, while in the "Maria" ending she fights James as the final boss (instead of Maria) in revenge for her murder.[55][56] James is quick to dismiss the latter scenario as being a hallucination.[57] Mary also maid a cameo in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in her monster form and in a joke ending of Downpour and Book of Memories.

Mary was portrayed by Monica Horgan, who also portrayed Maria.[9] The producers acknowledged that Mary and Maria were designed to be almost completely identical.[6]

Eddie Dombrowski[edit]

Eddie is the third murderous character in Silent Hill during the game. He is an obese young man with an apparent connection to the character Laura. His dialogue during the game reveals that he had suffered verbal abuse for much of his life prior to his arrival in Silent Hill, and his arrival was preceded by him finally snapping, killing a dog, shooting a football player and going on the run from the police.[58] Backstory material provided by Konami describes Eddie as being usually calm but with "another side that he cannot control when angered" and listing his former occupation as being a gas station attendant.[20][51] Eddie also wears a baseball cap, small shorts, and a white and teal striped shirt, clothes that one would see a child wearing.

James first meets Eddie in an apartment complex vomiting into a toilet and aggressively denying any involvement with the death of a man stuffed in a refrigerator in the same apartment. If the player returns to the apartment after the cutscene, they can investigate further, finding posters of football players with apparently meaningless graffiti and bumper stickers on the walls. One bumper sticker clearly says "Illusions The Water Margin." He is next seen talking to Laura in a bowling alley, ignoring insults and comments from Laura and James while doubting that his then-unspecified crimes will be forgiven. His final appearances are in the prison/labyrinth area, where he confesses to killing the man in the apartment and another victim on the grounds that they were mocking him,[59] and apparently has no moral issues with killing.[60] By the end of the level he is dangerously unstable and threatening to kill anyone whom he perceives as mocking him, leading to a fight to the death with James after a poorly received comment from the latter.[61] In the final cutscene before his death Eddie concludes correctly that James too was a murderer, telling him that they were both "called" to Silent Hill as they're "not like other people". The final encounter with Eddie takes place in a large meat freezer, a counterpoint to the burning staircase on which Angela stands during her final meeting with James.

Eddie is voiced by David Schaufele in the original game[9] and Liam O'Brien in the HD Collection.


Laura is an eight-year-old girl wandering the town. She is apparently the only "innocent" human character in the town, in contrast to James, Angela and Eddie, and consequently does not see any monsters or serious abnormalities in the town.[20] This has two consequences in the game: firstly, Laura can apparently move around the town safe from supernatural danger, and secondly Laura occasionally places James in danger due to the fact that she isn't aware of the supernatural threats he faces.

Laura is an orphan who befriended Mary during her last year alive, having been a patient at the same hospital as her,[51] and like James appears to be searching for Mary in the town as well (unaware of her death). She acts rudely towards James and Eddie, the two characters she encounters, motivated with the former by a belief that he did not really love Mary.[62]

James first encounters Laura in the apartment complex, where she kicks a key out of his reach and stomps on his hand. He confronts her in frustration after the level is cleared, where her connection with Mary is revealed, but she runs away before James can get more out of her.[62] She is next seen at the bowling alley with Eddie, and after she leaves James pursues her at Maria's request. He finally finds her at the hospital, where James accuses her of lying when she details her connection to Mary.[63] Laura then asks him to pick up a (nonexistent) letter from Mary inside a hospital room. When James enters it, she slams the door behind him, locking James in with several dangerous monsters. Laura is seen again at the Lakeview Hotel with a letter confirming her friendship to Mary,[64] and she becomes furious with James when he tells her he has discovered he killed Mary.[65] In the "Leave" ending, James leaves Silent Hill with Laura, possibly intending to carry out Mary's wishes to adopt the girl.[64]

Early promotional articles incorrectly named the character as "Lauren."[51]

Laura is portrayed by Jackie Breckenridge.[9]

Pyramid Head[edit]

Main article: Pyramid Head

"I was weak. That's why I needed you... Needed someone to punish me for my sins..."

—James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2

Pyramid Head, also known as "Red Pyramid Thing",[66] "Red Pyramid", or "Bogeyman", and "Triangle Head" (三角頭 Sankaku Atama?) in Japan,[67] stalks James, representing his wish to be punished for Mary's death. Masahiro Ito, the designer of Silent Hill 2's monsters, created Pyramid Head because he wanted "a monster with a hidden face".[68] Known for his large triangular head, Pyramid Head lacks a voice, and his appearance stems from the "distorted memory of the executioners" and the town's past as a place of execution, according to Takayoshi Sato, the character designer for Silent Hill 2.[69][70] Positively received in Silent Hill 2 for his role as an element of James' psyche, he has been cited by reviewers as an iconic villain of the series and part of Silent Hill 2's appeal.

Since Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head has become an icon in horror video games and has made other appearances in other Silent Hill games and media. Pyramid Head has appeared in other games in the main series, Homecoming as the "Bogeyman", Origins as cameo in a painting and a joke ending in Downpour and in the 2006 film Silent Hill as "Red Pyramid" as well as its sequel Revelation. In spin-off games he has appeared in The Arcade, The Escape and Book of Memories. He has also made an appearance outside of the Silent Hill series as a player character in the Nintendo DS video game New International Track & Field and Konami Krazy Racers alongside Robbie the Rabbit.

Ernest Baldwin[edit]

A character from a born from a wish scenario of 2.

Silent Hill 3 characters[edit]

Heather Mason[edit]

Main article: Heather Mason

Claudia Wolf[edit]

"The time is not yet at hand. The time when all will be forgiven their sins. When the Paradise we have long dreamed for will arrive. After the Judgment and Atonement, an eternity of bliss."[71]

—Claudia on her vision of the world which is the motive behind her plan to revive the deity worshipped by The Order
  • Claudia Wolf (voiced by Donna Burke[72]) is a priestess of the town's cult, and the main antagonist of the game. It is said during the game that she was abused as a child. She used to be a friend of Alessa in their childhood. Claudia is attempting to carry on where Dahlia Gillespie failed in Silent Hill and use Alessa Gillespie (through her reincarnation as Heather) to birth "the god". Contrary to Dahlia, her intention in resurrecting the god is to "save" mankind, though she believes she is a sinner and will not be saved. She speaks in riddles and is always barefoot. At the end of the game, she tries to give birth to the deity herself and dies.

Leonard Wolf[edit]

  • Leonard Wolf is the abusive father of Claudia Wolf and a former member of the Order. He was condemned to a mental hospital for his insane and abusive behavior and stripped of his rank. However, in his heart, he still held the teachings of the Order close with fanatical devotion, and even died because of it. He is voiced by Matt Lagan.
  • Leonard Wolf also appears in the 2012 film Silent Hill: Revelation. He is portrayed by Malcolm McDowell.

Douglas Cartland[edit]

  • Douglas Cartland (voiced by Richard Grosse and Kirk Thornton in the HD collection) is a private investigator hired by Claudia Wolf to locate Heather. When this results in the death of Heather's adoptive father, Harry, he feels guilty and accompanies Heather into Silent Hill as an ally. In the "Normal" ending, which is the only ending available on the first play-through of the game, Heather and Douglas survive. If the player gets the "Possessed" ending, Heather kills Douglas, implying she herself has been "possessed".
  • Douglas is mentioned in one of The Order's books in Silent Hill Homecoming, which states Douglas successfully exposed the Silent Hill cult to the authorities after the events of Silent Hill 3.

Vincent Smith[edit]

  • Vincent (voiced by Clifford Rippel and Yuri Lowenthol in the HD Collection) is a priest of the cult. Vincent is less dogmatic than Claudia and opposes her actions. Vincent appears to be on Heather's side during the game. With his finances, he built the church where the final battle is staged in and is killed by Claudia when Heather enters.


Valtiel is an angel in the religion followed by the cult. A saintly being who attends to and watches over the religion's chief deity, he has the duties of safeguarding the mother until she gives birth to the deity, in order to ensure the protection and restoration of the latter to the world, and resurrecting the mother if she dies. He is a guide to the Otherworld, as he appears before Heather whenever the environment changes.[73]

  • Valtiel also makes an appearance in Book of Memories and a cameo in the Silent Hill: Revelation movie.

Silent Hill 4: The Room characters[edit]

Henry Townshend[edit]

Henry Townshend is the protagonist of Silent Hill 4.He is voiced by Eric Bossick. He is noted to be a "young man who never shows feelings" and he is paranoid.

Eileen Galvin[edit]

Walter Sullivan[edit]

Watler Sullivan is the antagonist of Silent Hill 4 and a serial killer raised by the Order.

Cynthia Velasquez[edit]

Joseph Schreiber[edit]

Frank Sunderland[edit]

Jasper Gein[edit]

Andrew DeSalvo[edit]

Ricther Braintree[edit]

Silent Hill: Origins characters[edit]

Travis Grady[edit]

  • Travis Grady is the protagonist of Silent Hill: Origins. (voiced by Mikey O'Conner and Ben Eli "young") He is a troubled truck driver with a dark past. At the time of Silent Hill: Origins, Travis is a truck driver in his mid 20s, haunted by nightmares of his past. On a routine drive one day, he ends up passing through Silent Hill. Driving on an unusually foggy road, he immediately stops his truck to prevent hitting an unknown bystander. Upon getting out of the truck, he notices the person is gone. This is the same predicament Harry Mason was in at the beginning of the first installment.
  • Having only a brief cameo in Silent Hill: Homecoming, it is Travis who gives Alex Shepherd a lift home to Shepherd's Glen. Travis left Silent Hill in the normal world, but was once again in the Fog World as he drove Alex to his hometown (although it's possible that he, just like Laura in Silent Hill 2, only saw the Real World, not the Fog World). The reasons for this are unknown
  • Travis makes a brief cameo at the end of Silent Hill: Revelation. He is portrayed by actor Peter Outerbridge.

The Butcher[edit]

A monster similar to Pyramid Head and appeared in Book of Memories as a boss.

Helen Grady[edit]

Helen Grady is a character from Silent Hill: Origins. (voiced by Laurence Bouvard) Having presumably died of unknown causes at some point prior to Silent Hill: Origins, Travis Grady encounters the remnants of his mother while exploring the depths of Silent Hill's Cedar Grove Sanitarium. The mother of Travis and wife of Richard Grady, Helen attempted to kill both herself and Travis during his childhood by using gas. When police asked her why she would do such a thing, she claimed that the "people in the mirrors" told her to "kill the devil child."

Richard Grady[edit]

Richard Grady is a character from Silent Hill: Origins. Having killed himself approximately 15 years before the events of the game, (voiced by John Chancer) Richard's presence is not encountered until Travis Grady explores the expansive Riverside Motel.

K. Gordon/Mr. Gordon[edit]

  • K. Gordon was a teacher for Midwich Elementary School in Silent Hill. While she does not physically appear in game, memos and items belonging to her occasionally appear throughout the Silent Hill series, which over time gradually allude to her profession and relationship with Alessa Gillespie. K. Gordon's name appear when Harry Mason discovers a key labeled "K. Gordon". This key opens up the K. Gordon House, granting him access to Bradbury Street where he is then able to make his way to the Balkan Church, he is also on a list of teachers at Midwich Elementary School.
  • In Silent Hill 3 his name appear in the church when Heather Mason comes across a room that is identical to Alessa Gillespie's classroom. On the teacher's desk she finds K. Gordon's notebook. The transcript reveals that Alessa was one of K. Gordon's students, and that the teacher harbored concerns for the young girl.
  • He appears with Cheryl Mason are having an affair in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. He is the teacher in the "paparazzi photos". His phone number can be found on a classroom desk. If Harry Mason calls it, he learns that Mr. Gordon has been receiving harassing phone calls from students. The message varies depending on the player's Psych Profile.

Silent Hill: Homecoming characters[edit]

Alex Shepherd[edit]

Voiced by Brian Boom Alex Shepard is the protagonist of Homecoming. He was the son of Alex and Lillian Shepherd who were both members of the Order on Shepherd's Glen.

Joshua Shepard[edit]

Alex Shepard's younger brother who went missing when Alex came home.

Elle Holloway[edit]

James Wheeler[edit]

Margaret Holloway[edit]

Curtis Ackers[edit]

Adam and Lillian Shepard[edit]

Sam Bartlett[edit]

Dr. Martin Fitch[edit]

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories characters[edit]

Michelle Valdez[edit]

voiced by Kate Higgens Michelle Valdez is a supporting character in Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Downpour characters[edit]

Murphy Pendlton[edit]

  • Murphy spent his childhood in an orphanage, which impacted him greatly. Murphy states that he and all the other orphans were extremely grateful for the nuns that ran the place. It is also known that he worked in a cinema as a juvenile, revealed while he is in the movie theater.
  • After he left the orphanage, it is implied that he was involved in criminal behavior (as seen in his thoughts on Carol), but eventually stopped, got married and had a child. Murphy was a happy family man, married to Carol Pendleton, and a loving father to Charlie Pendleton. They used to enjoy flying kites, playing ball, and Murphy taught Charlie about cars, a passion shared by both father and son.
  • Murphy's life changed when his son was abducted by a lurking pedophile by the name of Patrick Napier. He was, unfortunately, a neighbor of the Pendleton's and showed a remote interest in young boys. Napier kidnapped Charlie, and then forced him into his van and drove away to a lake. Once there, Napier put Charlie inside a canvas sack, and threw him into the water, drowning him.
  • The loss of their child was too much for the parents. Blaming Murphy for her son's death, Carol divorced him, and sent him a letter telling him to never contact her again. Upset by the loss of his son and wife, Murphy's desire for revenge overwhelmed him. During a night in February, he hijacked a police patrol car and proceeded to evade arrest for ten hours before being stopped in Ashfield and arrested the next morning.

Anne Marie Cunningham[edit]

  • During Murphy's transfer from Ryall State Prison, Anne is the one who oversees his boarding of the prison bus and supervises the prisoners during their transfer. She and Murphy both survive the bus crash, after which she spends most of the game relentlessly pursuing him through Silent Hill.
  • Soon after the crash, Anne threatens Murphy with a gun and tries to apprehend him before losing her footing and grabbing onto a ledge above a deep ravine. The player is given the choice of trying to save Anne or leaving her to her fate. Regardless of the players' choice, she falls anyway.
  • Anne survives the fall and makes it to the Devil's Pit mines. Here, she forces Murphy against a wall and proceeds to search him, only to find her father's mourning police badge, which Murphy found earlier in his new clothes. Shocked by the discovery, Anne angrily asks Murphy where he got the badge, and states that "people like him" don't deserve to live. She positions her gun with the intent of shooting Murphy, but is unable to do so and drops to the ground. Anne then instructs Murphy to go away, demanding he leave her alone.
  • Young Anne appears very briefly in the Centennial Building Otherworld, running across a bridge above the water slide. Soon afterward, the adult Anne is seen running across a second bridge, which further implies that the two characters are somehow connected.

Anne makes her way into the WLMN FM station interrupting a conversation between Murphy and Bobby Ricks over finding a way out of town. Anne once again draws her gun on Murphy and asks Bobby to hand her his phone, only to realize that it doesn't work. Seconds later, a pack of Screamers ambushes the radio station, splitting the group up.

Young Anne is seen at St. Maria's Monastery towards the end of the visit, but is alluded to when Murphy encounters the manifestation of his son, Charlie. He claims she is "always crying" and "knows things", and also believes that Murphy is the Bogeyman and warns the boy not to go anywhere near him. She also tells the boy that Murphy killed his son. Murphy often sees her wandering around the monastery before running away from him and locking the door behind her, sometimes laughing or gasping in the process. On one instance she can be seen sitting in a chair and singing the nursery rhyme "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

After the boy is killed by the Bogeyman, Murphy mourns his death and calls out Charlie's name, realizing the boy represents his son. Young Anne finds the two and screams, accusing Murphy of killing the boy before running off in terror. Murphy chases after her, fearing that the Bogeyman will kill her too. He eventually finds her in the monastery's loft, tending to the Wheelman. Murphy approaches them and tries to save the girl from the creature, but the floor beneath him breaks and he falls.

As Murphy leaves Silent Hill on a speedboat, Anne appears behind him holding a gun to his head and orders him to turn around. Murphy refuses and tries to convince Anne that going back is not in either of their best interests. Anne states that they have unfinished business, and that their presence in Silent Hill is not coincidental—the town "knows her," and it "showed her things," and it won't let them go until they "finish what they started." Murphy still refuses to turn around and adamantly tells her that she will have to shoot him. Anne obliges.

Murphy and Anne are somehow taken to Silent Hill's Overlook Penitentiary. After Murphy's battle with the Wheelman, he appears in the Otherworld version of the prison washroom with a badly beaten Frank Coleridge on the floor. Anne appears, noticeably hurt, and claims that Coleridge was a good man reprimanding Murphy for his actions.

Through a flashback, it is revealed that Murphy was present when Frank was beaten into his wheelchair-bound state. Anne then reveals that she is Coleridge's daughter and gives a brief eulogy for her father, stating how he was a benevolent person who cared a great deal about other people and how she looked up to and respected him.

Anne readies her gun once more to shoot Murphy and avenge her father, explaining how she had to take care of Coleridge, who was left a vegetable after Murphy's alleged attack. She says that when she looked at him, she could only see a monster: Murphy Pendleton. In this instance, Murphy transforms before her eyes into the Bogeyman. Anne elaborates on how she had to pull strings, call in favors, and do "sick things" in order to have Murphy transferred to her prison, presumably so that she could kill him herself. Anne finally pulls the trigger and shoots Bogeyman Murphy, leading to a boss battle between the player (as Bogeyman Murphy) and Anne Cunningham.

Charlie Pendleton[edit]

Howard Blackwood[edit]

John P. "JP" Sater[edit]

Frank Coleridge[edit]

Bobby Ricks[edit]

Patrick Napier[edit]

The Nun[edit]

George Sewell[edit]


The Bogeyman[edit]

Critical reception[edit]

Critics enjoyed the level of realistic detail given to the characters of Silent Hill 2 and Konami's ability to transition between CG and in-game scenes.[74][75] Game Revolution liked that James was an everyman character instead of a highly trained professional.[76] GameZone praised James' sympathetic character, and found the voice acting improved, though not flawless, as compared to Silent Hill 2's predecessor.[77] Another reviewer considered the voice acting and script superior to the survival horror video game series Resident Evil,[78] while GameSpot criticized the script for hampering the voice acting.[79] IGN's Emma Boyes praised the relationship between James and Mary, listing it as one of "The Greatest Video Game Couples".[80]

The character of Heather received both praise and criticism by reviewers of the game. GameSpot's Scott Osborne found her "interesting" and liked the fact that although she seems to be an average girl in his opinion, she remains non-intimidated upon witnessing sights considered by him frightening, stating that "even Rambo would run like hell from that."[81] Chris Hudak of Game Revolution regarded her as "believable" and "more likeable" than the protagonists of the two previous games in the series, because he esteemed her as having "some attitude", "vulnerability", and "snarky teenaged wit".[82]


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