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Numerous magazines have been devoted to the card game contract bridge.

United States[edit]


  • Bridge: (1) a title formerly used by Bridge Magazine; (2) a magazine published by "Mr Bridge", formerly funded by advertising and free to subscribers but now by paid subscription.
  • The British Bridge World (BBW), founded by Hubert Phillips in the early 1930s, and incorporated into Bridge Magazine in 1965.
  • Bridge International, a title formerly used by Bridge Magazine.
  • Bridge Magazine,[1] a monthly, is the oldest magazine devoted to the game, having been founded in 1926 by A. E. Manning-Foster. It was not published during World War II, so has had fewer issues than The Bridge World. In the June 2013 issue, the editor announced that in future the magazine would only be published online because the paper version had been losing too much money.
  • Bridge Plus, a monthly magazine published between 1989 and 2008. No longer printed, it has been incorporated into Bridge Magazine.
  • Contract Bridge Journal, a former title of English Bridge published between 1946 and 1955.
  • EBU Quarterly, a former title of English Bridge during the period from April 1966 to June 1984 when it was published every three months.
  • English Bridge, the monthly official publication of the English Bridge Union.
  • International Popular Bridge Monthly (IPBM), now defunct.
  • Popular Bridge Monthly (PBM), later renamed International Popular Bridge Monthly.



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