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This is a list of firearm brands.

Marque Stands for (named after) Company Country Market Other products
AEK Kovrov Mechanical Plant,
Degtyaryov Plant
Russia / USSR Combat
Anschütz J.G.Anschütz Germany Civilian
Arrieta Arrieta Escopetas Spain Civilian
A-Square A-Square United States Civilian Ammunition
Aya Aguirre y Aranzábal Aya, Aguirre y Aranzabal, S.A. Spain Civilian
Baikal Lake Baikal Izhmekh Russia Civilian, combat Medical equipment
Battaglia Mauro Battaglia Italy Civilian
Benelli Benelli Armi SpA Italy
Beretta Beretta Italy
Bernardelli Vincenzo Bernardelli S.r.l. Italy Civilian
Blaser Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH Germany Civilian, Law enforcement Outdoor
Browning Browning Arms Company United States Outdoor products
Bushmaster Bushmaster Firearms International United States
Colt Colt's Manufacturing Company
Colt Defense
United States Civilian
Law enforcement, Military, Security
Fausti Fausti Italy[1]
United States[2]
Glock Glock Ges.m.b.H. Austria
Heckler & Koch Heckler & Koch Germany
IZh [N 1] Izhmekh Russia / USSR Civilian Air guns
Kel-Tec Kel-Tec CNC, Inc. United States Civilian, Law enforcement Accessories
Molot Vyatskiye Polyany Machine Building Plant "Molot" Russia Civilian, combat Non-lethal weapons
Mossberg O.F. Mossberg & Sons United States
MP Mechanical Plant Izhmekh Russia Civilian, combat Air guns
Non-lethal weapons
MTs Model' TsKIBa
TsKIB's Model
Tula Arms Plant
Russia / USSR Civilian [N 2]
OTs Obrazets TsKIBa
TsKIB's Specimen
TsKIB SOO / KBP Russia / USSR Combat
Para PARA USA, LLC United States Civilian
Remington Remington Arms United States Civilian Combat
Rizzini Battista Rizzini B. Rizzini Italy Civilian
Ruger Sturm, Ruger & Co. United States
S&W Smith & Wesson United States Various[N 3][3]
Savage Savage Arms United States
Springfield (historical) Springfield Armory United States
Springfield (present) Springfield Armory, Inc. United States
SR Spetsial'naya Razrabotka
Special Development
Tula Arms Plant
Russia Combat
Stag Arms Stag Arms, LLC United States Civilian, Law enforcement
Taurus Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. United States Civilian
TOZ Tula Arms Plant Russia / USSR Civilian
Winchester Winchester Repeating Arms Company United States
  1. ^ The IZh motorcycles and automobiles are manufactured by Izhmash.
  2. ^ With few exception (MTs-116M) which were created for combat.
  3. ^ Smith & Wesson markets gun accessories, handcuffs, safes, apparel, watches, collectibles, knives, tools, air guns, and myriad other products under its brand name, including cologne, handbags, and washing machines.

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