List of titles and honours of Beatrix of the Netherlands

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Royal styles of
Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands
Royal coat of arms of the Netherlands.svg
Reference style Her Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Ma'am

Beatrix of the Netherlands has held numerous titles and honours, both during, before, and after her reign, including a number of historical titles.

Titles and styles[edit]

Beatrix's full regnal title was: "Beatrix, by the Grace of God, Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, etc, etc, etc."[1][2]

Dutch Honours[edit]

National orders[edit]

Other orders[edit]

Medals and decorations[edit]

Honorary degrees[edit]

Foreign honours[edit]

National orders[edit]

The insignia of the Order of the Garter

Other awards[edit]


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