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Traded as MNG.CS
Industry Mining
Headquarters Casablanca, Morocco
Key people Abdelaziz Abarro[1]
(Chairman of the Board and Managing Director)
Total assets Market Cap: MAD11,604.07 million (2014)[1]
Owners SNI
(Mohammed VI of Morocco)

Managem is the leading metal mining in Morocco. It is part of Mohammed VI's holding company SNI and owns most mines in Morocco outside of Phosphate.[2] The company inherited many colonial mines that were nationalised during the Moroccanization and most went to Hassan II's holding company ONA Group—itself originally a colonial mining company—which has been merged into the SNI.[3]


For several years the company has been in conflict with the population of Imider over the exploitation of a silver mine which according to the local population doesn't benefit them and poisons their water which debit has been dwindling rendering animal husbandry, the main economic activity for the population, very difficult.[4][5]

Key people[edit]

  • Abdelaziz Abarro, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, Chairman of the Management Committee
  • Naoual Zine, Director of Finance and Corporate Management Control, Member of the Management Committee
  • Amine Abrak, Managing Director of Support, Logistics Purchases and Information Systems Branch, Member of the Management Committee
  • Adil Guessous, Head of Risk Management and Internal Audit
  • Lhou Maacha, Managing Director of Exploration and Development, Innovation Projects and Performance Management, Member of the Management Committee
  • Maryam Charrat, Head of Legal and Social Events
  • Jawad Benkhadra, Head of Sales
  • Mohammed Cherrat, Director of Human Resources, Communication and Sustainable Development, Member of the Management Committee
  • Ismail Akalay, Director of Research Center, Managing Director of Base Metals & Cobalt, Member of the Management Committee
  • Youssef El Hajjam, Managing Director of Precious Metals & Fluor Branch, Member of the Management Committee
  • Amina Benkhadra, Director, Representative of Onhym
  • Hassan Bouhemou, Director, Representative of Siger
  • Bassim Jai Hokimi, Director
  • Hassan Ouriaghli, Director
  • Aymane Taud, Director, Representative of SNI



  • SNI 81.43%
  • Others 18.57%



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