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Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Nellore
Population (2001)
 • Total 2,139
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Mangalam-padu (Telugu: మంగళంపాడు) is a village in Sullurpeta mandal of Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Famous playwright and lyrics writer Kidambi Venkata Narasimhacharyulu, better known as Aathreya was born in this village.


According to Indian census, 2001, the demographic details of this village is as follows:[1]

  • Total Population: 2,139 in 554 Households.
  • Male Population: 1,050 and Female Population: 1,089
  • Children Under 6-years: 299 (Boys - 128 and Girls - 171)
  • Total Literates: 1,034


Mangalampadu, with around 500 families, is located at a distance of about 90 km from Chennai on the Kolkatta highway and 70 km from Tirupati, in the border district of Nellore, in Sullurpet Mandal of Andhra Pradesh, is a well known Sri Vaishnava Agraharam with a known history of over four hundred years. This village was given as an endowment in the year 1602–03 by the Ruler of Chandragiri Venkatapathy Raja I of the Vijayanagar Dynasty to Sriman Kidambi Rangaraja Iyengar, the son of Sriman Kidambi Jagannadhacharya Swamy, for his erudite scholarship. This village is well known in the surrounding towns and villages for various socio-religious activities taken up by the villagers with the help of their friends and well wishers.

The Temple of Sri Venugopalaswamy, at the heart of the village, is the center of all these activities.

For centuries, this village, along with the neighbouring village of Uchur, enjoyed great reputation as a centre for Vaishnavite Culture and religion. Scholars in ancient Oriental Literature and Vedic lore hailed from this village. Their cultural, religious and social pursuits centered round the age-old temple of Sri Venugopalaswamy varu in the village.

The Temple of Sri Venugopalaswamy in the village has been a silent witness to the extreme surges in the fortunes of the village for hundreds of years. The idol of Sri Venugopalaswamy varu is believed to have been found while digging a well in the village, which later came to be known as “Gudi Mitta Bavi”. The idol, which is beautifully embellished in black stone, is unique in its style.[citation needed] Lord Venugopala sporting a flute in two hands and holding the holy Disc and Conch in two others is the apple of our[who?] eyes. There are separate shrines for Goddess Soundaryavalli, Godadevi, Bhaktanjaneya swamy, Bhagavad Ramanuja and Vedanta Desika -the two Great Srivaishnavite Acharyas. One can see all Alwars and Acharyas doing Mangalasasanams in the temple.

The utsava Moorthy in the temple is that of Varadarajaswamy and is said to have been brought from Kanchipuram a century and half ago. The annual festival in the month of Phalgun is a visual treat for the hundreds of devotees who throng the temple during these days.

The younger generation of the village, who have migrated to various places in search of livelihood, have formed a trust to streamline the activities with vision of “Making Mangalampadu A Model Village – Vision 2015”. The trust, with the support of the Hereditary Trustees of the Temple and the villagers, is organising various religious, social and cultural activities in the village.

The trust organises Sadas, cultural programmes and Goshtis during important festivals in the Temple. It also runs a Gov Shala which, at present, has a strength of 15 cows.

The post-independence political scenario saw a gradual decline in the fortunes of the temple. Sri Vaishnavites had to migrate from the village in search of livelihood. The temple was subject to neglect for want of economic support. When it was slowly decaying, the younger generation of this village rose to the occasion and started renovation in a big way about three decades ago. In addition to reconstruction of the Mukhamantapams of Srimad Ramanuja and Sri Vedanta Dsika, the Vimana gopurams were renovated some two decades ago.[when?]

A high-profile community hall was constructed to address the social needs of the villagers. But the temple, being very old and weather beaten, has developed structural problems in the recent years.[when?] Come rains, the ceiling of the temple has become a virtual sieve and the temple gets flooded with rain water.

The Dhwajastambam, which is about seven decades old and has started decaying, has to be replaced with a new one. The Bhaktanjaneya Temple too has to be reconstructed, shifting it slightly to the west to suit the overall requirement of the temple. A Ramakrathu Sthoopam has to be erected in front of it commemorating sixty years of Ramakrathu performed here by the HH The Pedda Sriman Narayana Jeeyar, during his poorvashrama.

A new temple for Sudarsana – Narasimha, an Aina Mahal (Kannadi Mantapam), an Alankaramantapam and a Rajagopuram are in the pipeline.

While the trustees have decided to take up the reconstruction of the main temple with the help of the Department of Endowments, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Rama Kainkaryam Trust has decided to shoulder the responsibility of other activities mentioned above.

Since each of the projects needs heavy financial support, this can be achieved only with the whole hearted co-operation of philanthropists and Asthikas all over.


People in Mangalampadu and the villages surrounding it depend on agriculture for their livelihood and rain water and the village tank are the only sources of water for irrigation.

To change this and bring about a green revolution, the Trust has decided to distribute saplings free of cost to the villagers. Till now around 110 Teak and Neem plants have been planted in the village and the Trust wants to make this an annual affair for which an endowment is being planned.

The village has a government-run primary and a high school along with an Anganwadi School. The total strength of all these schools would be[when?] about 200 students. The high school has consistent 90% results in 10th class. Some of the students of this school[who?] stood 1st in the Sullurpet Mandal. To support the children of the village and bring down the drop-out ratio, the Trust has taken up scholarship programmes for toppers in 10th class apart from distributing books and sports equipment to the school and organising annual Aksharabhyasam for the new joinees. Some well wishers have also come forward to support these activities by establishing an endowment.

To take care of the health of the villagers and to bring in health awareness, the Trust is organising frequent medical camps in the village. With the support of Dr. Jagannath and Dr. Sandhya, ophthalmologists from Tirupati, more than 100 cataract surgeries have been done free of cost for the villagers.[citation needed]


Sri Venugopala Swamy temple in the village is very auspicious.