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For the flightless bird species, see Megapode.
For the Tahitian queen, see Johanna Marau Ta‘aroa.
For the similarly named town and municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil, see Maraú.

Marau is a municipality in the state Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Local produce includes soybeans.[1]

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  1. ^ Chemical market reporter: Volume 268, Issues 1-9; Volume 268, Issues 1-9 BUNGE EXPANDS BRAZIL OPS Bunge Alimentos has inked a deal with Perdigao, a major Latin American soybean processor, for the acquisition of its soybean crushing and oil refining units in Marau, of Rio Grande do Sul.

Coordinates: 28°26′56″S 52°12′00″W / 28.44889°S 52.20000°W / -28.44889; -52.20000