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A notice board in a Housing and Development Board (HDB) estate in Marsiling

Marsiling is a suburb of Woodlands, Singapore, extends from the north of Woodlands Square to the Woodlands Checkpoint, bordering Malaysia. It presents the older living patterns of Singapore; it is a quieter and much denser estate, often offering a reasonable and larger alternative to other housing options, and houses a large number of elderly and heavy-duty industries.

In the late 1990s, a plan was introduced by the Government of Singapore to upgrade existing Housing and Development Board apartment blocks by providing refurbished elevators serving every storey of each block, an additional room at the rear of each flat, and other modernising features. This led to a surge in housing prices. The community of foreigners living in Marsiling has also been increasing.

Coordinates: 1°25′57.14″N 103°46′26.65″E / 1.4325389°N 103.7740694°E / 1.4325389; 103.7740694