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The Merrett–Murray Medal has been awarded annually since 1997, to the player adjudged the Brisbane Lions club champion over the immediately preceding Australian Football League (AFL) season. It is named after Roger Merrett and Kevin Murray. Merrett was a champion at the Brisbane Bears, while Murray was a legend at the Fitzroy Lions, the two clubs which merged to form the Brisbane Lions.[1]

List of winners[edit]

Year Player(s)
2014 Tom Rockliff
2013 Joel Patfull
2012 Joel Patfull
2011 Tom Rockliff
2010 Michael Rischitelli
2009 Jonathan Brown
2008 Jonathan Brown
2007 Jonathan Brown
2006 Simon Black
2005 Jason Akermanis
2004 Nigel Lappin
2003 Michael Voss
2002 Simon Black
2001 Simon Black and Michael Voss
2000 Michael Voss
1999 Jason Akermanis and Justin Leppitsch
1998 Chris Scott
1997 Matthew Clarke

Brisbane Bears Club Champion[edit]

Prior to 1997 and the merger with the Fitzroy Lions, the Brisbane Bears had a Club Championship award.

Year Player(s)
1996 Michael Voss
1995 Michael Voss
1994 Craig Lambert
1993 Martin Leslie
1992 John Gastev
1991 Michael McLean
1990 David Bain and Martin Leslie
1989 John Gastev
1988 Mark Withers
1987 Phillip Walsh

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