Metal Meltdown (Judas Priest song)

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"Metal Meltdown"
Song by Judas Priest from the album Painkiller
Released 3 September 1990
Recorded 1990
Genre Heavy metal, speed metal
Length 4:46
Label Columbia
Writer Glenn Tipton, K. K. Downing, Rob Halford
Producer Chris Tsangarides
Painkiller track listing
"Leather Rebel"
"Metal Meltdown"
"Night Crawler"

"Metal Meltdown" is the fifth track in Judas Priest's album Painkiller.

The song opens with a guitar duet/duel between guitarists Tipton and Downing that leads into the main riff of the song.[1]

Live Performances[edit]

On the first legs of the Painkiller tour in Canada, the song was performed with a drum solo from Scott Travis,[2] however, for the rest of the tour, the song was made as part of a medley with "Riding on the Wind" from Screaming for Vengeance, with the guitar duel, leading into the drum intro to "Riding on the Wind", before the full song is played, then the drum solo. Finally the band returns with the riff of Metal Meltdown but Halford singing "Riding on the Wind" instead.[3] A possible reason for the change to a medley, was that, when one listens to recordings of the full version of Metal Meltdown performed live in 1990, Rob seems have problems keeping up with the speed of some of the verses.

During the Jugulator tour and featured on '98 Live Meltdown, the song was performed without the guitar duel intro and without a drum solo. It was not performed after that tour.



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