Mexicans in Chile

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Mexico Mexican Chilean Chile
Mexicano Chileno
Total population
about 1,876
Regions with significant populations
Santiago, various other regions
Mexican Spanish, Chilean Spanish, and a minority of Indigenous Mexican Languages.
Predominantly Roman Catholicism.
Related ethnic groups
Mexican people, Mestizo, Indigenous people of Mexico, Spanish people, Latin, Hispanic, Latino, and Chicano.

Mexicans in Chile comprise people who emigrated from Mexico to Chile and their descendants. The Mexican community in Chile is small. Most Mexicans living in Chile do it temporarily, usually for study or for work for about two or three years, so it is a community that is continually renewed. Several of the Mexicans have made Chile their home permanently, especially those who have married Chilean citizen or citizens, or who have found a career opportunity. In fact, several Mexican companies have settled in Chile, such as the Ideal Group (Bimbo) Telmex, America Movil (Claro (Telcel). The Mexicans Association of Chile ( and Facebook "Mexicans in Chile") organizes throughout the year to preserve and promote Mexican traditions such as Epiphany Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Day of the Dead, Mass and serenade to the Virgin of Guadalupe, Posadas. Without overlooking Independence Day in September, to commemorate the independence of Mexico, in which members come together. It usually is attended by Mexicans who reside mainly in the capital and neighboring regions. It is one of the most important celebrations that brings together more than 2,500 people every year.

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