Mexican settlement in the Philippines

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Not to be confused with Filipino immigration to Mexico.
Mexico Mexican Filipinos Philippines
Mexican Pilipinos
Total population
Modern population of full Mexicans: 173.
Regions with significant populations
Metro Manila, Cebu City, Iloilo City
Spanish, Filipino, other Philippine languages, and English.
Roman Catholicism and Protestantism
Related ethnic groups
White Mexicans, Amerindian Mexicans, mestizo Mexicans

Mexican Filipinos are a multilingual Filipino ethnic group composed of Philippine citizens with Mexican ancestry. [1][not in citation given]

Mexican Filipinos are ethnically diverse. They can be White Mexicans, Amerindian Mexicans, mixed-race, or members of any other group.


Mexican immigration to the Philippines mainly occurred during the Spanish colonial period. Between 1565-1821 the Philippines were in fact administered from the Viceroyalty of New Spain's capital, Mexico City. During this period trans-Pacific trade brought many Mexicans and Spaniards to the Philippines as sailors, crew, prisoners, slaves, adventurers and soldiers in the Manila-Acapulco Galleons which was the main form of communication between the two Spanish colonies. Similarly the route brought Filipino Malays, Filipino-born Spaniards and other southeast Asian groups to Mexico.

In the Philippines today, there are 134 Mexicans currently residing. The Mexican community has been established in those islands many years ago. Migration from Mexico was important, since colonial times, and when trading with this country Philippines, during the Viceroyalty of New Spain , Mexican mestizos were mixed with the inhabitants of the islands, similar to Spain and the United States amount adding as many names of Spanish origin. So this actually means there are possibly a higher percentage of people with full or mixed Mexican heritage.

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