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Michelle Bernard
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Born Michelle Denise Bernard
(1963-07-30) July 30, 1963 (age 51)
Washington, D.C., USA
Residence Montgomery County, Maryland
Education Georgetown University Law Center
Howard University
Occupation Journalist, Author, Lawyer, Columnist
Political party

Michelle Denise Bernard (born July 30, 1963, Washington, D.C.)[1] is an American journalist, political analyst, author, and President and CEO of the Bernard Center For Women.


Bernard graduated from Howard University with a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in Political Science. She has a J.D. degree from the Georgetown University Law Center, and was a partner at the lobbyist and law firm Patton Boggs. In 2000, she was a member of the Bush-Cheney Presidential Inaugural Committee. She was formerly President and CEO of Independent Women's Forum and Independent Women's Voice.[2] She was the chair for the District of Columbia's Redevelopment Land Agency.[3]

Bernard is a political and legal analyst for MSNBC, and is frequently a panelist on CNN[4] and the The McLaughlin Group. She is also a contributor for the The Washington Post's[5] "She the People," and the Huffington Post.[6]

She is an Independent[3]

She is a member of the Board of Trustees of Hampton University and sits on the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Opportunity in Education and the Executive Board of the International Women's Forum of Washington, D.C. where she is the Leadership Foundation Liaison.[7][8][9] Additionally, she is a member of the Advisory Board of the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence,[10] a speaker for the AEI Speaker's Bureau[11] and the Washington Speaker's Bureau.[12]

Her family heritage is Jamaican American, saying in an interview with Bill Steigerwald, "My parents are American citizens, but they come from Jamaica. I was raised with very American and Jamaican values. In our culture, we have a very strong sense of pride and of family honor and of self-reliance."[13]

Bernard received the Anvil of Freedom Award for Journalism and Democracy from the University of Denver's Estlow International Center for Journalism & New Media on January 23, 2015.[14] Also, she was named in the November 2014 of Essence Magazine as a Rising Star in their Money & Power list.[15]

She was remarried on December 27, 2014[citation needed] and is the mother of two children from her previous marriage to CNN correspondent Joe Johns.[16][17][18][19]


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