Minister of Defence (Serbia)

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Minister of Defence
Министар одбране
Ministar odbrane
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Coat of Arms of Serbian Ministry of Defence
Bratislav Gašić

since 27 April 2014
Appointer Aleksandar Vučić
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Minister of Defence (Serbian: Министар одбране/ Ministar odbrane) is the person in charge of the Ministry of Defence of Serbia. The current Minister is Bratislav Gašić, since 27 April 2014.

List of ministers[edit]

This list includes all ministers since the dissolution of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006. For previous ministers, see Ministry of Defense (Yugoslavia). This list also includes Ministers of Defence in the early 1990s, when the position briefly existed although Serbia was not an independent country at that time.

Minister Image Party Term start Term end Lifespan
Miodrag Jokić No image.png Independent 11 February 1991 31 July 1991 1935–
Tomislav Simović No image.png Independent 31 July 1991 23 December 1991 1933–
Marko Negovanović No image.png Independent 23 December 1991 6 November 1993 1935–
Zoran Stanković Zoran Stanković MC crop.jpg Independent 4 June 2006 15 May 2007 1954–
Dragan Šutanovac Dragan Šutanovac 091201-D-9880W-025.jpg Democratic Party (DS) 15 May 2007 27 July 2012 1968–
Aleksandar Vučić Aleksandar Vučić crop.jpg Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) 27 July 2012 2 September 2013 1970–
Nebojša Rodić Nebojša Rodić Crop.jpg Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) 2 September 2013 27 April 2014 1953–
Bratislav Gašić No image.png Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) 27 April 2014 Present 1967–

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