Ministeria vibrans

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Ministeria vibrans
Ministeria vibrans.jpeg
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Opisthokonta
Phylum: Choanozoa
Class: Cristidiscoidea
Order: Ministeriida
Family: Ministeriidae
Genus: Ministeria
Species: Ministeria vibrans
Binomial name
Ministeria vibrans
Tong (1997)

Ministeria vibrans is a small single-celled eukaryote which feeds on bacteria. Although it is an opisthokont, it seems not to fit in any of the established opisthokont lineages such as choanoflagellates or animals.[1] It might form a group with Capsaspora, another opisthokont of uncertain placement.[2] It is the only known opisthokont lineage which does not exhibit amoeboid cells or flagellated cells.[3]


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