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Not to be confused with Moffat Library.

Coordinates: 37°52′20.95″N 122°15′38.78″W / 37.8724861°N 122.2607722°W / 37.8724861; -122.2607722

Moffitt Library

UC Berkeley's Moffitt Undergraduate Library is named after James K. Moffitt. It is a five story building at the crossroads of campus. Entry on the third floor, the main access floor, houses the new books collection, computers and library classrooms. Course reserves and laptops can be checked out at the circulation desk on the third floor. There is also a very convenient tunnel to the Gardner (Main) Stacks under Doe Memorial Library, which provides access to study areas when Doe Library is closed. Study space and additional library classrooms are located on the fourth and fifth floors. A computer lab, study tables, library classrooms and the Media Resources Center are located downstairs on the first floor. The second floor is allocated for library staff use.

Free Speech Movement Cafe[edit]

Free Speech Movement Cafe

The university established the Free Speech Movement Cafe in the third floor entryway of Moffitt Library. The Free Speech Movement Cafe commemorates the protests surrounding the Free Speech Movement.[1] A reproduction of what may be considered the most recognizable and iconic photograph that captured the movement, a shot of the key demonstration march where suit-clad students carry the Free Speech banner through the university's Sather Gate in fall 1962,[2] stands now at the entrance to the cafe.

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