Nasrullah Mosque

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Nasrullah Mosque
Nasrullah Mosque, Kastamonu.jpg
Basic information
Location Turkey Kastamonu, Turkey
Rite Sunni Islam
Region Black Sea Region
Province Kastamonu Province
Status Active
Leadership Nasrullah Kadı
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Ottoman
Completed 1506
Minaret(s) 2

Nasrullah Mosque is a 16th-century Ottoman mosque in Kastamonu, Turkey.


It is in the central quarters of Kastamonu at 41°22′38″N 33°46′31″E / 41.37722°N 33.77528°E / 41.37722; 33.77528 just west of the governor's office and Gökırmak river. The mosque was commissioned by Nasrullah, a kadı (judge) of the Otoman Empire. It was built in 1506 (during the reign of Beyazıt II). It was put under restoration in 1746, 1845 and 1945.[1] The main building has 9 domes over 6 square columns each with cross sectional area of 160 x 160 cm2. The nartex (Turkish: son cemaat yeri) has 7 domes over 10 columns. The pretentious public fountain (Turkish: şadırvan) of the mosque is to the north of the mosque.


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