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National Journal Magazine
National Journal
National Journal, October 23, 2010
First issue of the relaunched magazine
Editor-in-Chief Tim Grieve[1]
Editor Richard Just[2]
Categories Editorial magazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 15,000
Publisher Atlantic Media Company
First issue 1969
Company National Journal Group, Inc
Country United States
Based in Washington, D.C.
Language English

National Journal Group For more than four decades, National Journal has been a trusted source of information, insight, and analysis on the policy, politics, and people shaping the business of government and the agenda in Washington. National Journal reaches audiences on Capitol Hill, the White House, and within the private sector. National Journal’s media portfolio includes 24/7 online coverage, a print chronicle of Congress, a magazine, research tools and live events delving into the latest policy challenges.


National Journal Group Leadership:
David G. Bradley, Chairman
• Timothy Hartman, CEO
• Tim Grieve, Editor-in-Chief and Co-President
• Poppy MacDonald, Publisher and Co-President

National Journal Prominent Contributors, present:
Peter Beinart
• Ron Brownstein
Charlie Cook
• Marin Cogan
Ron Fournier
• Michael Hirsh

National Journal Prominent Contributors, past:
• Sue Davis
Major Garrett
• Michael Gordon
• Joel Havemann
• Leslie Kaufman
Chuck Todd

Products[edit] covers politics and policy in Washington, including the following issue verticals: White House, Congress, politics, energy, health care, defense, and technology.

Email Briefings
Breaking news updates on policy and politics is distributed via’s email push products, such as • Need-to-Know Memo: The day’s most important stories in Congress, the White House, politics, health care, energy, the economy, and national security

National Journal Magazine
National Journal has a four decade history of providing in-depth analysis on the policy and politics affecting the legislative landscape. A 2013 Erdos & Morgan opinion leader study ranked National Journal magazine as the most influential and most credible publication in Washington D.C.

National Journal Daily
Originally known as Congress Daily and re-branded in 2010 as National Journal Daily, the publication is focused on the legislative landscape and the inner workings and maneuverings taking place on and off of Capitol Hill.

National Journal Hotline
Hotline is a comprehensive, non-partisan digest of the day's political events relating to upcoming national elections. Hotline is published daily, condensing newspaper, magazine and digital political coverage from the previous 24 hours. Hotline releases a daily compendium of the morning's political headlines with "Wake-Up Call" and assembles a digest of election and campaign news across the country with "Latest Edition." Hotline reporters contribute to National Journal's overall political coverage. See Hotline wikipedia page.

The Almanac of American Politics
The Almanac of American Politics is a reference work published biennially by the National Journal Group. It aims to provide a detailed look at the politics of the United States through an approach of profiling individual leaders and areas of the country. See Almanac wikipedia page.


National Journal" Membership is made up of 700+ Member organizations that have access to:
National Journal’s full suite of editorial products
• Executive briefs and customizable presentations
• Strategy trends and best practice case studies
• Live event programs

National Journal Membership launched in 2011 to provide government affairs professionals—corporations, associations, nonprofits and others—with an array of tools to support their organizations.


National Journal, a nonpartisan politics and policy news brand, was founded in 1969 by attorney Anthony Carder Stout and investment banker Randy Smith, with the goal of creating a magazine that would cover the executive branch. That narrow focus proved untenable for a long-term venture, though, and in 1975, after Stout hired Newsweek’s John Fox Sullivan to become the magazine’s publisher, National Journal expanded its purview to include all aspects of the federal government. In 1997 David Bradley, founder of the Corporate Executive Board and the Advisory Company, purchased National Journal. In 1999 Mr. Bradley appointed Charles Green as Editor-in-Chief. Green served from 1999 to 2013. Tim Grieve assumed the role in August 2013.

Some Awards and Acknowledgements[edit]

Hotline: min Digital Awards finalist in the Premium Content category
National Journal: Digiday publishing awards finalist for best editorial achievement by a publisher, Next America
National Journal: named as an honoree in “Web/Politics” for its coverage of news in and outside of the beltway

National Journal: Shane Harris, winner, Gerald R. Ford Award for distinguished reporting on national defense, for his body of work at National Journal and Washingtonian in 2010

Education Expert Blog: Washington Post named the Education Expert Blog one of the best education blogs of 2010
National Journal: recipient of three American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA. For cover and opening spread of 2/20/10 issue and opening spread of 10/31/09 issue Winner of the Society of Professional Journalists award for public service in online journalism for the Promise Audit, a compilation of Barack Obama’s campaign promises and his record in fulfilling them as president Editor & Publisher online journalism awards finalist, Best News Website with fewer than one million unique monthly visitors

National Journal: James Kitfield, winner, Gerald R. Ford Award for distinguished reporting on national defense, for his body of work in 2008
National Journal: James Kitfield, winner, overseas coverage award, Military Reporters & Editors, for reports on Afghanistan
National Journal: Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., winner, domestic coverage award, Military Reporters and Editors, for reports on post-traumatic stress disorder, Iraq strategy, and other topics Winner, Enterprise Reporting Special Feature, Editor and Publisher online journalism awards, for the Promise Audid, a compilation of Barack Obama’s campaign promises and his record in fulfilling them as president Editor & Publisher online journalism awards finalist, Best News Website with fewer than one million unique monthly visitors

National Journal: Alex Simendinger, winner of the White House Correspondent’s Association Aldo Beckman award for presidential news coverage
National Journal: American Graphic Design Awards recipient. National Journal was recognized for the opening spreads to three cover stories and for one cover. Jan Zimmeck designed the cover and spreads
National Journal: Marilyn Werber Serafini and James A. Barnes, second place in the Award for Excellence in Health Care Journalism sponsored by the Association of Health Care Journalists for a package of stories examining the health care proposals of the presidential candidates

National Journal: Society of Professional Journalists/Sigma Delta Chi Award for Public Service in Magazine Journalism for Corine Hegland’s package of stories on Guantanamo detainees
National Journal: Shane Harris, finalist for the Livingston Awards for excellence by journalists under the age of 35

National Journal: National Magazine Award for Columns and Commentary. Awarded to National Journal for columns by Jonathan Rauch
National Journal: Paul Starobin, National Headliner Award (second place) for magazine feature writing on a variety of subjects

National Journal: National Magazine Award winner for reporting “Money Makes the World Go Round: But What If It Can't Any More?” (September 27) by Robert J. Samuelson

National Journal: National Magazine Award winner in the specialized journalism category for a weekly report on developments in national politics and government


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