Night Unto Night

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Night Unto Night is a 1949 drama film directed by Don Siegel, based on the 1944 novel by Philip Wylie. It stars Ronald Reagan.

Fifteen years later, Siegel would direct Reagan's final film, 1964's The Killers.


John Gaylord is in Florida, looking for a new place to live. Gaylord is a former scientist who now suffers from epilepsy, a fact he keeps hidden from Ann Gracie, a widow who rents him her house.

Ann has introduced him to her friends C.L. and Thalia Shawn, a married couple who live nearby. Ann is upset because she believes she can still hear the voice of her late husband Bill, who was killed in the war.

John has an epileptic seizure. A doctor tells him his condition is worsening. He and C.L., an artist, have discussions of whether there is life after death. Ann's sister Lisa develops a romantic interest in him, but John falls for Ann instead. As a hurricane threatens, John contemplates suicide.


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