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Norton File Insight in Norton 2012
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X
License Proprietary



How it works[edit]

Norton File Insight is a new feature in Norton 2010 products.. It is part which supports the Norton Download Insight Feature. File Insight provides insight of the files that you download and install in your computer. The reputation details that Norton provides help you decide the trust level and safety of a file. Norton displays the details of these files in the File Insight window.[1]

The File Insight window provides the following information:

  • The file type and the file name
  • The date on which file was installed
  • The date on which file was last used
  • The lineage details of the file
  • The actions that the file performs on your system
  • The level at which the file uses the resources of your computer
  • The performance impact that it has
  • The stability of the file for the specific operating system
  • The version of the file
  • Who developed the file?


The File Insight window also lets you find the location of the file on your computer. In addition, you can copy the data that is available in the window into the Clipboard and save the data for future use.

You can use the Learn More link in the File Insight window to obtain more information on the Norton product tutorials section of the Symantec website.

Issues With Norton File Insight[edit]

For a number of years Norton File Insight appears to only recognize the safety verification measures from premium software companies. Norton File Insight often erroneously flags a downloaded file as having no Digital Signature and no version number and therefore a potential threat.[2][3] Larger, more-established software companies appear to be able to avoid these problems.

Furthermore, whitelisting a file (i.e. having Symantec investigate software and classify it as safe) is ineffective because developers will have to constantly reapply for white-listing status each time they publish revisions of their software. This is particularly a problem for small software developers with small production teams who constantly publish revisions and updates rather than have an extensive internal development cycle before releasing updates.

These problems hinder an industry of small business software developers from having equal market access since they lack the resources to comply with Norton File Insight's demanding and unclear requirements to avoid being flagged as a potential threat to users.

Other New features of Norton 2010[edit]


Norton Download Insight


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