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Outback Communities Authority
South Australia
Location in South Australia (white)
Population 3,959 (2009)[1]
 • Density 0.006/km2 (0.016/sq mi)
Established 2009
Area 624,339.0 km2 (241,058.6 sq mi)
Mayor Cecilia Woolford[2]
Council seat Port Augusta
Region Far North[3]
Eyre and Western[4]
State electorate(s) Giles, Stuart, Flinders[5][6][7]
Federal Division(s) Grey
Website Outback Communities Authority
LGAs around Outback Communities Authority:
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The Outback Communities Authority (OCA, formerly the Outback Areas Community Development Trust) is a statutory authority in South Australia (SA) created under the Outback Communities (Administration and Management) Act 2009.[8] It has been established to 'manage the provision of public services and facilities to outback communities' which are widely dispersed across a region covering almost 60% of South Australia's land area.[9] The authority has its seat at both Port Augusta which is located outside the Outback area and at Andamooka. The authority serves an area of 624339.0 km²[10] and a population of 3,750,[11] 639 of whom are Indigenous Australians, and several large pastoral leases and mining operations exist in its area of operation.

The authority's area of responsibility does not include Aboriginal reserves, the largest of which are Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara in the northwest of SA and Maralinga Tjarutja in the west of SA.

Organisational structure[edit]

The authority consists of a board of seven members of which four must be residents of client communities. The board oversees a small team of support staff led by a general manager. As of 2012, support staff consisted of six persons employed full-time with one additional person employed part-time.[12]

Client communities[edit]

As of 2012, the authority provided services to the following communities: Andamooka, Ash, Beltana, Blinman, Bookabie, Border Village, Cockburn, Coorabie, Copley, Eastern Districts, Fowlers Bay, Gawler Ranges, Glendambo, Innamincka, Iron Knob, Kingoonya, Leigh Creek, Lyndhurst, Marla, Mannahill, Marree, Mintabie, Olary, Oodnadatta, Parachilna, Penong Pimba, William Creek, Woomera, and Yunta.[13]

Surrounding LGAs[edit]

Because of its size, the authority is next to a large number of LGAs, 29 in total. It also completely surrounds the Municipal Council of Roxby Downs and the District Council of Coober Pedy. It borders the following 27 LGAs in five states, 17 of them in South Australia:

South Australia
from west to east
New South Wales
from north to south
from west to east
Northern Territory
from west to east
Western Australia
from north to south

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