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UK Open
Tournament information
Venue Butlins
Location Minehead
Country England
Established 2003
Organisation(s) PDC
Format Legs
Prize fund £200,000 (2012)
Month(s) Played June (2003–2013)
March (2014–)
Current champion(s)
England Adrian Lewis

The UK Open is a Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) darts tournament where, following regional qualifying heats throughout Britain, 128 players compete in an elimination tournament to be crowned champion.

The tournament has the nickname, the "FA Cup of darts", because of the wide mix of players of differing experience. There are also no seedings for the top players which means the top players can be drawn against each other at any stage. Just like the FA Cup, a random draw takes place after each round to determine the matches for the next round. However, a slight change was introduced in 2007 where a tournament bracket is introduced from the quarter-final stage to prevent players being forced into playing long back-to-back matches.

From 2003 to 2013 the UK Open took place in June each year at the Reebok Stadium, in Bolton. In 2014 it moved to Butlins Minehead taking place in early March. Phil Taylor beat Shayne Burgess in the inaugural final. Dutchman Raymond van Barneveld won the tournament in 2006, the first ever ranking tournament with the PDC in which he has played. He knocked out 13-times World Champion Phil Taylor 11–10 en route to the final where he beat Barrie Bates 13–7. He also successfully defended the title in 2007, again beating Taylor en route.

Taylor has achieved the perfect nine-dart finish four times (2004, 2005, 2007 & 2008). Mervyn King (2010) and Gary Anderson (2012) and Wes Newton (2013) have also achieved a nine-dart leg.

The tournament has had a different runner-up each year, with 12 different runners-up in 12 years.


The inaugural event in 2003 was sponsored by Sky Bet. In 2004 Budweiser became the main sponsor. After Budweiser's three-year sponsorship ended in 2006, bookmakers Blue Square took over as title sponsor in 2007 until 2009. The 2010 event was sponsored by Rileys Darts Zones.[1] From 2011 to 2013 it has been sponsored by Speedy Hire. In 2014 Coral took over sponsorship.

Sponsor Years
Sky Bet 2003
Budweiser 2004–2006 [2]
Blue Square 2007–2009 [3]
Rileys Darts Zones 2010
Speedy Hire 2011–2013
Coral 2014

Final Results[edit]

Year Champion Legs Runner-Up Total
Prize Money [1]
Champion Runner-Up
2003 England Phil Taylor (98.03) 18–8 England Shayne Burgess £124,000 £30,000 £15,000
2004 Netherlands Roland Scholten (89.49) 11–6 Canada John Part (85.98) £124,000 £30,000 £15,000
2005 England Phil Taylor (96.80) 13–7 England Mark Walsh (84.52) £124,000 £30,000 £15,000
2006 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (91.51) 13–7 Wales Barrie Bates (82.98) £124,000 £30,000 £15,000
2007 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (94.99) 16–8 Netherlands Vincent van der Voort (88.76) £150,000 £30,000 £15,000
2008 England James Wade (94.65) 11–7 United States Gary Mawson (87.33) £178,000 £35,000 £15,000
2009 England Phil Taylor (100.81) 11–6 England Colin Osborne (93.24) £200,000 £40,000 £20,000
2010 England Phil Taylor (97.71) 11–5 Scotland Gary Anderson (92.41) £200,000 £40,000 £20,000
2011 England James Wade (96.25) 11–8 England Wes Newton (88.51) £200,000 £40,000 £20,000
2012 Scotland Robert Thornton (95.44) 11–5 England Phil Taylor (98.58) £200,000 £40,000 £20,000
2013 England Phil Taylor (107.04) 11–4 England Andy Hamilton (97.95) £200,000 £40,000 £20,000
2014 England Adrian Lewis (109.13) 11–1 England Terry Jenkins (93.15) £250,000 £50,000 £25,000


Player Won Runner-up
England Phil Taylor 5 1
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 2 0
England James Wade 2 0
Netherlands Roland Scholten 1 0
Scotland Robert Thornton 1 0
England Adrian Lewis 1 0
England Shayne Burgess 0 1
Canada John Part 0 1
England Mark Walsh 0 1
Wales Barrie Bates 0 1
Netherlands Vincent van der Voort 0 1
United States Gary Mawson 0 1
England Colin Osborne 0 1
Scotland Gary Anderson 0 1
England Wes Newton 0 1
England Andy Hamilton 0 1
England Terry Jenkins 0 1


As of 2014 qualifying events for amateur players are organized by Rileys and held in various locations across the UK. In 2014 Rileys Sports Bars are hosting 32 qualifiers for this event.

In addition there are six UK Open qualifiers for professional players, which also form part of the PDC Pro Tour. These events are only open to players holding an active PDPA membership - either a tour card or associate membership. Prize money won in these six qualifiers is then collated into an Order of Merit table.

The format is as follows (as of 2014):

  • Preliminary and First Round (Friday afternoon): The 32 Rileys qualifiers and players ranked 65 and lower in the UK Open Order of Merit start the tournament here. Best of 9 legs.
  • Second Round (Friday afternoon): Players ranked 33-64 in the UK Open Order of Merit join the 32 winners of the first round. Best of 9 legs.
  • Third Round (Friday night): The top 32 in the UK Open Order of Merit join the 32 survivors from the afternoon. Best of 17 legs.
  • Fourth Round (Saturday afternoon): Best of 17 legs.
  • Fifth Round (Saturday night): Best of 17 legs.
  • Quarter Finals (Sunday afternoon): Best of 19 legs.
  • Semi Finals (Sunday night): Best of 19 legs.
  • Final (Sunday night): Best of 21 legs.

The draws up to and including the third round are made in full after all qualifying players are known, while the draws for the fourth round onward are made separately as soon as each preceding round has concluded.

Media coverage[edit]

From 2003 until 2013, coverage for the UK Open was shown on Sky Sports in June, but from 2014, the tournament was moved to March and shown on ITV4.


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