Padamati Sandhya Ragam

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Padamati Sandhya Ragam
Directed by Jandhyala
Produced by Gummaluri Sastry
Meer Abdulla
Screenplay by Jandhyala
Starring Vijayashanti
Thomas Jane
Music by S. P. Balasubramanyam
Edited by Gautham Raju
Pravasandhra Chitra
Release dates
April 11, 1987
Running time
142 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu

Padamati Sandhya Ragam (Telugu: పడమటి సంధ్యారాగం) (English: Evening Raga of the West') is a 1987 Telugu romance film, directed by Jandhyala. The cross over cinema, starred hollywood actor Thomas Jane, Indian actress Vijayashanti and drummer Sivamani in the leading roles.[1][2][3]

The soundtrack was written by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Sadashiva Brahmendra Yogi, Annamacharya, and Veturi Sundararama Murthy. The film garnered Filmfare Award for Best Film – Telugu.[4] The film was premiered at International Film Festival of India, and Louisville's International Film Festival.[5]


This film showcases the cultural differences of the east and the west. Adinarayana (Gummaluri Sastry) moves to the United States along with his wife and daughter (VijayaShanti) to join his younger brother Ramarao. Their neighbors are Chris (Thomas Jane) a Caucasian American, and Ronald (Sivamani), an African American. Both fall in love with Adinarayana's daughter Sandhya, and when both of them propose to her the same day, she accepts Chris's proposal. Knowing that her father is too traditional, eccentric, and orthodox to approve of their love, Sandhya elopes with Chris and they get married. Adinarayana doesn't have a choice but to silently witness the happenings, but when he has a granddaughter, he takes her back to India and settles there, intending to bring her up in a traditional Indian environment, and away from the foreign lure that snatched away his own daughter. As a grownup, Sandhya's daughter hates her father Chris, assuming that he was at fault and was thus disapproved by her grandfather. Chris and Sandhya visit India when Adinarayana passes away, and that's when their daughter realizes her father's humility and love towards Sandhya and Adinarayana, repenting for the ill feelings she bore all those years and returning with them to the USA.


  • Vijayashanti as Sandhya
  • Thomas Jane as Chris (Credited as Tom)
  • Benjiman York as Young Chris
  • Sivamani as Ronald
  • Gummuluri Sastry as Adinarayana
  • Meer Abdulla as Ramarao
  • Seshagiri Rao as Seshagiri Rao
  • Vijay as Ganapathi
  • Ashajyothy as Sudha
  • Sudheshna Reddy as Anitha
  • Sutti Velu as Natanalayam Manager
  • Sudha as Lakshmi
  • Ravi Chitturi as Doctor Ravi

Additional cast: Johnson, Godman, Elizabeth, Bindu, Jyothy, Baby Rohini, Vijay Kothari, Bhushan Rao, Rama Sastry, Seetha Sastry, Mrunalini, Joshua York.




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