Panola Mountain

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Panola Mountain State Park
Granite outcrop, Panola Mountain
Map showing the location of Panola Mountain State Park
Map showing the location of Panola Mountain State Park
Map of Georgia
Location Stockbridge, Georgia
Coordinates 33°38′7″N 84°10′13″W / 33.63528°N 84.17028°W / 33.63528; -84.17028Coordinates: 33°38′7″N 84°10′13″W / 33.63528°N 84.17028°W / 33.63528; -84.17028
Area 1,635 acres (662 ha)
Designated: 1980

Panola Mountain is a 100-acre (40 ha) granite monadnock near Stockbridge on the boundary between Henry County and Rockdale County, Georgia. The peak is 946 feet (288 m) above sea level, rising 260 feet (79 m) above the South River. The South River marks the boundary between Henry/Rockdale counties and DeKalb County, Georgia. Due to its delicate ecological features, Panola Mountain was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1980.[1]

State park[edit]

Panola Mountain State Park was created to protect the mountain, a smaller and pristine version of Stone Mountain. Minimally developed, Panola Mountain shelters rare plants of the Piedmont region. Hikers may explore the park's watershed and granite outcrop on their own, or they may join park staff for guided hikes onto the restricted-access mountain. Guides also offer hikes to a similar monadnock, Arabia Mountain. The interpretive center features animal exhibits for children. Pets and bicycles are not allowed on trails in the conservation area. Fishing, boating and access to the 12-mile (19 km) paved Rockdale River PATH Trail is available at the Alexander Lake recreational area on the east side of the park.


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