Pegasus (Efteling)

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De Efteling Pegasus.jpg
Park section Ruig Rijk
Coordinates 51°38′49″N 5°03′07″E / 51.64694°N 5.05194°E / 51.64694; 5.05194Coordinates: 51°38′49″N 5°03′07″E / 51.64694°N 5.05194°E / 51.64694; 5.05194
Status Closed
Opening date July 1, 1991
Closing date June 19, 2009
General statistics
Type Wood
Manufacturer Dinn Corporation
Designer Curtis D. Summers
Track layout Wood
Lift/launch system Chain lift
Height 65.62 ft (20.00 m)
Drop 39.4 ft (12.0 m)
Length 1,614.17 ft (492.00 m)
Speed 34.18 mph (55.01 km/h)
Inversions 0
Duration 1.45 minutes
Capacity 1400 riders per hour
G-force 3.45
Pegasus at RCDB
Pictures of Pegasus at RCDB

Pegasus was a wooden roller coaster in the Dutch amusement park Efteling.

History and Details[edit]

In order to get the wooden coaster open before the opening of Disneyland Paris, the total project was completed in 7 months. Curtis D. Summers designed the ride and Charles Dinn was contracted to build it; Dinn also provided the wood, Southern Yellow Pine from the United States. During construction, workers from the Dinn Corp. went on strike and the project was taken over and completed by Intamin.[1]

The ride had two trains with five cars per train. Each car had a capacity of four passengers, two per row. At the time of opening it was the only wooden roller coaster in the Netherlands.

The Ride[edit]

After leaving the station the train made a 180 degrees turn to be transported by the chain lift to a height of 20 meters. The train then fell slowly into a drop, after which a 220 degrees right-hand turnaround followed, then another drop, followed by a double-up. Next was a 220 degrees turn left-hand turnaround, which was followed by a double-down. A 180 degrees left-hand turnaround took the train into the wooden ride construction. A small climb back up followed, and then down again into one bunny hill, after which the train re-entered the station.

In total there were 4 curves, 9 inclinations and 8 descents.


On June 19, 2009, the Efteling announced that the ride would be closed effective immediately according to the website (only accessible for employees). It has been replaced by a wooden duelling coaster called Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon).


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