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The Point Amour Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on Point Amour in southern Labrador. It is not far from L'Anse Amour, and was completed in 1857. It is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada, and the second tallest one in all of Canada,[1] reaching a height of 109 feet (33 m). The cylindrical tower is built of limestone and is painted white with a black band. It was built in the series of Imperial Towers and is designated a Provincial Historic Site. The residential part of the lighthouse, completed in 1857, has been renovated and now serves as a museum. The site was also home to a Marconi Station, of which only the foundations survive.

A second order Fresnel lens with a focal plane at 152 feet (46 m) above sea level is in use. In 1996 the operation of the lighthouse was converted to an automatic system. The light characteristic is a period of light of 16 seconds with an adjacent pause of 4 seconds. A fog signal may be sounded from a separate building.


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Foundations of the old Marconi Station

Coordinates: 51°27′38″N 56°51′30″W / 51.46049°N 56.85835°W / 51.46049; -56.85835